Monday, February 22, 2010

The "Gall" of it all!

The last few months have been really rough. Our close friends and family know what has been going on and they have been great and supportive. I feel like I have been in a fog since November, but was finally coming out of it. Then last weekend happened to just top the whole crappy winter off. Maybe I shouldn't tempt fate on that one.

We hosted a party to celebrate the opening of the 2010 Olympics. We had lots of friends and family show up and despite the tape delay (gee NBC, why would we want to watch the openings live when we are in the same time zone and all). We watched "The Great One" light the Cauldron, cleaned up and headed to bed.

This is when the problems started - stomachache and nausea. I couldn't get comfortable sitting, standing or laying down. I was up and down all night, thinking that I had possibly given everyone food poisoning. I started puking (not something I do often). Finally, at about 6 I went to the trusty internet to look up what was going on and see if I was dying. It came up with appendicitus (I could possibly be dying!). I threw up once more and woke up J(who had blissfully slept through all of this). I think all he heard was "appendicitus" and started groping for pants to get us out the door.

We made it to Overlake with no more puking, but gosh I-90 is rough! We got to the emergency room with me doubled over and went through triage (where I inexplicably started feeling better) and finally into my own little room wihin emergency. The staff was awesome and the nurse even got the IV in the first time! The doctor was super calm and laid back, probably a good trait to have as an ER doc. Right off the bat he said that he thought I had gall stones. He sent me for an ultrasound to confirm and they found one HUGE gall stone: 3cm x 2cm x1cm! So big, in fact that it couldn't even pass, so it was getting stuck. At least it was an answer to the excrutiating pain and vomiting! The best solution was to have surgery. That afternoon.

They were able to get me into surgery about 4pm. I was very calm and okay (maybe the drugs in the IV) until I was in pre-op. It is a little crazy to think about how you "lose" a few hours of your life and they are taking an organ out of you. They gave me a "little something to help calm me down" and the next thing I remember was being moved back into my bed in my room. And shaking. And the really scared look on J's face. And the different hospital gown that I now had on.

I stayed the night. J went home and came back the next day. I got Percocet and watched Apolo skate. I got very little sleep, but was very ready to head home the next day. If for no other reason, to take a shower and put on my own, clean clothes. Gosh, what a romantic Valentine's Day.

The recovery has gone okay. Monday was REALLY rough. The Percocet made me sick, so J stayed home with me. He also made a run for Saltines and pudding. I have stuck with the Motrin since. I am still a bit sore at the major incision and on my side, but it is getting better. I took all last week off and today as well. I will brave the kiddos again tomorrow. I wish I could go back feeling 100%, but I think I will have to go with 85% and ask the kids for some mercy. It will take me a long time to figure out what I can and cannot eat. However, I am looking forward to no longer having strange pains, that I now know were my gall bladder. Gosh, it only took me about 15 years to figure out what was causing those!