Monday, February 27, 2012

The Snorter

LWK is changing so fast every day.  Today he was laughing so hard that he snorted, and then really got laughing!

He also has figured out that he can roll his car or ball toward the couch and it will bounce off and roll back to him.  Yes, he is a genius!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Blanket

Since blankets for cuddling are kind of off limits until babies are one, I don't usually let LWK play with them by himself.  Recently though he found this fuzzy blanket on the back of our couch.  I washed it today and it was on the floor to be folded when LWK found it.  Obviously, he LOVES this blanket!


5 Teeth and Counting

It has been a long week of teething and fevers.  It was nice to have a happy baby this morning who was into EVERYTHING!

Putting those new teeth to good use!

"Look Mom, I can go between the couch and the coffee table!"  Notice the mess  behind him?  Yep,  he was a bit of hurricane this morning.

Coy and cute.  I love that dimple!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Hillbilly Baby

LWK has been in the process of getting his fourth tooth over the past few days.  There has been lots of fussiness and not a lot of eating, but it finally popped through.  In perfect LWK style, it is his first top tooth so we now have a little hillbilly - three teeth on the bottom and one on top!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our little Romeo wasn't  into sitting still - there are buttons to push, blankets to snuggle with, cars to roll and windows to look out of!  His shirt says "All You Need is LOVE (and naps)" and his hat has an old fashioned heart "Mom" tattoo on it.  He is the sweetest little Valentine I have ever had!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Little Gamer

LWK  hasn't been too into buttons or switches (unlike his big cousin), but tonight he figured out how to turn on the X-Box.  I guess he is a chip off the old block!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Week

This was one of those weeks that I dread as a working mom.  We have all been sick, J and LWK are getting better and I am staying the same.  Grades were due this week, I had a concert on Thursday night, an ensemble contest on Saturday and a Baby Shower today.  I felt like I I was being pulled in every direction but the one direction I wanted to be -  with LWK and J.  There was absolutely no family time this week.  I didn't even get a photo taken of LWK and that doesn't happen very often.

This was also one of those weeks where I feel like I am a failure at being a being a teacher, a wife, a mother and a friend.  In talking to some other mom friends I realized that as much as we hoped to take some things off our plates when we had our children, it seems like there are still the same expectations and even more now that we have a little one to care for.

Hopefully this week is better.  I am done teaching each day a bit early and J and I get to have our first date since August on Tuesday.  And then there is a long weekend coming up, thank goodness.  We need it around here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Stander

Well it only took a week, but LWK is now a proficient stander.  I can't believe that it was literally a week ago that he learned how to pull himself up and then seemed a bit panicked that he didn't know how to get back down.  Today is is pulling up and sitting back down.  He is reaching for everything with his Go-Go Gadget arms and has found that the coffee table is the perfect height for him to chew on.  Now that he can literally get on his toes, we are all going to be on our toes keeping up with him around here!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today was an example of something I NEVER would have done a year ago.  On Thursday LWK and I went to the grocery store to pick up a could of quick things for J since he was sick and wanted a few comfort foods.  Our trip was fast and I was distracted.  However, I know that we had her with us that night, but the next morning I realized that LWK's teething giraffe "Sophie" was missing.  It is LWK's favorite thing to chew on when he is teething and I have some sentimental attachment to it since my sister gave it to us before we knew if LWK was a boy or girl.  Sophie is just one of those sweet things you buy for other people's babies, but not your own....

So in desperation, I went to the grocery store today and asked at customer service if someone had turned it in. The lady tried to give me an ugly crocodile, but no sweet Sophie.

I know I am being overly sentimental, but our original Sophie had the paint worn off in spots where LWK rubbed against his little gums before any teeth came through.  She was the one that has been taken to every doctor's appointment and was LWK's companion in the lonely backseat each day to daycare and home.

Fearing this would be the outcome, I had already ordered a new Sophie from Amazon and even paid the couple of extra bucks to have her delivered the next day since LWK's 4th bottom tooth is about to pop.  We got her in the mail yesterday, and she already isn't the same.  Her spots are a bit darker and her squeaker is a bit squeakier.  I just hope that a mom of a little baby who had never had his or her own Sophie  picked her up.  It makes me feel better to think that another little person is loving on her in the way that only little teethers can love on a favorite toy.
Yeah, I know it is obvious that I have read The Velveteen Rabbit too many times and took Toy Story too seriously.  I blame it all on my mom though, she always taught up that our toys had feelings and I hope that Sophie doesn't feel that we abandoned her.  I hope that she was just needing to find another little boy or girl to make happy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Months Old

Another month flew by.  I am starting to plan for LWK's 1st birthday, where has the time gone?  This month:

  • Height: at least 29inches
  • Weight:  I think he is easily pushing 20lbs
  • Clothing Size: 12 months
  • Diaper Size: 3s
  • Teeth: 3, 3 lower!

  • Sleeping:  Usually through the night and 2 hour to hour and a half long naps a day
  • Eating: 4 - 5 8oz bottles a day
  • Food: This month we have added beans, peas, beets and yogurt to his plate
  • Self Feeding:  He isn't quite there yet.  He will hold onto a Baby Mum-Mum and eat it, but most everything else he just likes throwing on the floor.  He is starting to get that pincer grasp going, so it is just a matter of time.  He will sometimes hold the bottle at home, but only if I am not moving fast enough for him.  He holds it for himself at daycare all the time, but I kind of like that he is still my baby and I get to hold it for him.
  • Movement:  Crawling is old hat and he is FAST.  He is able to sit - FINALLY.  I still contend that he could do it all along, but just didn't want to. He is also pulling himself up to his knees on the coffee table and in his crib.  We dropped the crib to its lowest setting just in time.  It is just a matter of time before he gets to his feet...  ETA:  He pulled himself up in his crib at 2am!  Just in time for his 10 month birthday!  
  • Favorite Toys:  He is loving his musical table that he got for Christmas as well as his cars.  I love that even if a car doesn't have rolling wheels, he tries to make it roll.  It must be a genetic thing.  he LOVES being in the foll bathtub, something we just started this month.  He is still fearless and wants to flip over.  It scares me to death.
  • Vocalization:  He has been working on his Falsetto and is saying Dada, Dadi, Didi, Baba, GaGa and Mom.  He doesn't know that any of these have a real meaning, but he can sure be adamant when he is saying them!

Yea for clapping!

The Puller-Upper

Last night I was watching LWK work on his pulling up skills.  He was on his knees at the coffee table and he would put one foot up, and then back down.  And then the other foot up, and back down.  When J got home from work, I told him that I was betting LWK would be pulling up within the week.

I was right!  Unfortunately, he acquired this new skill at 2am this morning.  And although he had figured out how to pull himself up in the crib, he didn't know how to sit himself back down.  I didn't figure that 2 am was a good time to have a lesson in sitting, especially since LWK was so upset, but we had a reenactment this afternoon, complete with the crying.  He refused to sit.  Should we say he is a little stubborn????