Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Tickles!

Since LWK was a wee little thing, we have always washed his armpits and said "get your pits!"  He would giggle and laugh and when he got older, he would try to not let us "get his pits."  This morning, when J was getting LWK ready for school, LWK told him that "it tickled" when he washed him!  It is so funny to hear him describe something.  Being ticklish is a pretty abstract concept!

On the way home tonight, without prompting, he told me that he did puzzles with his friends Jacq, Alex and Miles.  I love that he has friends and that he talks about them freely!  It makes my heart so happy that he is in a good place in the day when he isn't with me!

Finally, over the weekend, we stayed at a hotel and LWK found a new medium with which to express his creativity:

Finger painting on the window is one of those things filed under "activities I let me child do as long as I am not the one who has to clean it afterwards."  He did have a grand time!  I love that he is starting to make loops and swirls instead of just straight, scribbled lines!

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