Friday, May 24, 2013

Toddler Plumber Butt

Oh LWK, I love how oblivious you are sometimes.  You are so engrossed in your trains that you have no idea that you have a toddler plumber butt going on.  I think it is pretty adorable, but I know in about 15 years, it won't be so cute.

Also, in the world of not nice LWK things, our daycare mom told me that he has been a bit aggressive with the younger kids.  He has been taking away toys and pushing them to get what he wants.  When he gets in trouble for it, he cries and cries and CRIES!  Being 2 must be tough.  Your bigger than some kids, but not the biggest.  You don't always get what you want and can't understand why.  Everything used to be yours, but now you're expected to share when you see everything in the world as yours.  I told our daycare mom to feel free to use time out - that seems to work a bit at home.  She just hates to see him cry and carry on as much as we do!

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