Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skating: Part 2

Before we left for Canada, I had read that the community center was going to have a skating rink in their parking lot.  It was only going to be open through the 1st, so we decided to make a New Years Eve go of it since we were sticking close to home that day.  The weather was beautifully Seattle - crisp and clear as we walked down to the Y!

LWK was excited and I got his skates on and we went for a little walk.  He was pretty steady on his feet!

He had lots of fun skating between me and J.  We just kept moving further and further apart - and he kept skating to us!

And he isn't afraid to fall down - he had a big smile on his face every time he did!

Daddy was so proud of his future hockey player!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lights at the Ledge

For the second part of our trip to the Great White North, we stayed with Uncle J and Aunt S.  One evening we headed to the legislature building to enjoy the lights, known as the "Lights at the Ledge."  It was so very cold that we didn't stay long, but the capitol building was gorgeous and LWK loved all the lights!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Canadian Rite of Passage

LWK is half Canadian, so during this trip it was time for him to experience the age old Canadian ritual of ice skating.  Being the good Seattleite that I am, I am still surprised when I go and visit a place that has snow that doesn't melt off in a couple days, or even a couple of months.  It is so cold, in fact, that the neighborhood that J grew up in has a park that they make into an outdoor hockey rink for everyone in the winter!

LWK loved that there was snow to play in.  We had been keeping him inside because he had a bad cold, so this was his first time outside in a few days and he loved kicking the snow, marching in it and trying to build a snowman!  The snow wasn't very good for snowman building or snowballs, but LWK and I had fun throwing the snow in the air.

Grampie had a friend whose little boy has the same size feet as LWK and we were able to borrow his skates and helmet.  I was pretty sure that LWK was going to have nothing to do with this since he had been fighting a cold and had been a little grumpy.  I was so shocked that he was totally into being in the snow, sitting down to get his skates on and was even game for the helmet!

We gave up on the helmet, even though LWK was game for it, we couldn't figure out how to get it on his head!  He wasn't scared of trying to walk or glide.  He did slip and fall once and that didn't bother him either.  He spent about 10 minutes skating with J and then he was kind of done, which is pretty good for the first time!

Love those rosey cheeks!  It will be fun to see how he gets better in the coming years - Grampie can't wait to skate with him!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Canadian Christmas

We got to Canada without incident and Grampie and Uncle J picked us up at the airport.  LWK was spoiled from the moment he got to Grammie and Grampie's house!

LWK was able to convince everyone that they needed to climb in bed with him and watch Caillou!

The penguin footie jammies are LWK's new favorites!
Reading his Thomas catalog!  Who needs books, right?

A little bit of reading and snuggle time with Mommy!

And now for the presents!  LWK had been asking to open them since we arrived.And, in true LWK fashion, he would open a gift and want to play with it right away, not open any more!

I'm not sure who the bigger kid is - LWK or Daddy!

J learning how to carve a turkey!
 LWK is also now in love with the iPad.  He loved showing Grammie what he could do on hers!

When did his legs get long enough that his feet
hang off the edge of the sofa?
A music box with a lion and zebra dancer!
Riding this pony that he used to be scared of!
He loved it on this visit!
 We were even able to visit our friends in Calgary!  LWK and E played so well together and it was so nice to catch up with B and C!

What a nice visit with friends and family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

I am so far behind in my blogging, but I wanted to get our family pic up with the story behind it now that I can laugh a little bit about it!

I decided to jump on a mini-session that Neyssa Lee Photography offered at the end of November.  I was excited - it was a nice price, Luke knew her, I knew she would do great and I could order Christmas cards through her.

The morning of our session arrived and I had spent so much time worrying about what the boys would wear, that I had forgotten about my own clothes.  I was a little stressed about that and when we got to the shoot, LWK was in fine form.  He wouldn't look at the camera, wouldn't be still enough to capture shots and was just a hooligan.  So the calm, relaxed, "our family's got this together" look that I was going for was not quite what LWK gave us.  Still, I am so impressed that Neyssa did get some cute shots. Maybe next year LWK won't be such a terror!

See that devilish look in his eyes???
When all else fails, give the kid candy he has never had before.
I still love those eyelashes!
Neyssa really is a miracle worker - no one would know how chaotic those 10 minutes were except for those of us who witnessed it!

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Fly Boy

On our way to Canada!  Our flight was a bit delayed, but as LWK and I were watching the planes and the people, we saw our pilot get on with Starbucks.  So maybe the line to get his coffee was a bit longer than he was planning????

LWK was so excited about the airplanes.  At least until we had to walk out on the tarmac to get on ours since we take off from part of SeaTac that is under construction.  The planes were so loud, he just lost it.  Poor guy.  Once we got in the plane and into his seat (and the loud plane took off), he was fine!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas #1

ON the years we travel or have guests at Christmas, we like to have our own little Christmas one morning, just our little family.  I had been fighting a cold all week and we still needed to pack for our trip, but we had a very low-key Christmas to open gifts.

Look mommy!  Now I am a present!

Kissing the Thomas Pillow Pet!

Daddy got new, fancy headphones!
 And it never fails, the gift that I am thinking won't be a hit is the thing he likes to play with the most - his sorting pie!

Daddy went to Starbucks to get breakfast and I ended up going to Urgent Care since I was feeling so horrible.  Thank goodness it was a bad cold and i got some medicine to help me stop coughing before our flight.  Unfortunately, our little Christmas was a bit anti-climactic.  There is always next year. Maybe I should be happy that LWK has no expectations about what Christmas should be!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Licker

So it is December 20th and I still don't have my cards done.  LWK and I got up early and I ran a Thomas marathon for him on TV so I can get these cards done!  When it came time to seal them, he REALLY wanted to help.  I thought he would be turned off by the yucky glue, but he had a smile on his face the whole time!

It also helped get all the cards done faster, and there were no Seinfeld-esque tragedies!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Santa Band

A former colleague of mine gave me this sweet Christmas gift, a Santa Band!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Playing with the "Big Kids"

We drive past my school each day on the way to daycare and LWK loves to point and say, "that's Mommy's Band Room!'  We were running super late this morning and my Jazz Band was just watching a movie and eating doughnut, so I brought LWK in with me to watch the Muppets and have a few doughnut holes!  

The middle school kids thought he was super cute and fun.  And being mostly boys, they were thrilled that he had a Thomas pillow with him to lay down and watch Kermit on the floor!  LWK thought it was so neat that he got to see Mommy's "Big Kids!"  Oh yeah, and eat doughnuts!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tree Decorating

So we had the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I had been putting off decorating it.  I knew I had to have it done before school was out for break or it would never get done.  LWK got in on the decorating too:

After LWK went to bed, I was up until 2 getting the tree decorated.  I thought it turned out pretty nicely, even with some ornaments being MIA!

Later, I found LWK's biggest contribution to the decor of our tree, a piece of half eaten French Toast!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kissing Santa Claus

He might not want anything to do with a living, breathing Santa, but LWK sure isn't shy about giving creepy lawn ornaments a big kiss!