Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cousin Playdate

I love when my sis and I have some time over breaks to get our boys together!  Her boys helped LWK learn how to use his new scooter and then we all want to the skating rink with the faux ice!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

I am so happy that we have this tradition of Christmas Eve with my family.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas #1

Like in years past, we like to have our Christmas the weekend before actual Christmas with just our little family of three.  We like hanging out in our jammies (or pajahhhmahs as LWK has taken to calling them), have abelskiver and open gifts slowly throughout the day.  It is a lovely way to celebrate before all the rest of the craziness begins with travelling and Santa, etc.
LWK did get his battery powered Percy from Santa (along with some more tracks and James, Diesel, Gordon and another Thomas).  He also got some Alphabots and some bingo dobbers.  J got a Lego book and a new ladder and I got a new food processor!  It was a lovely and fun morning!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Santa Take 2

Although we had an impromptu meeting with Santa last week, it wasn't our "tradition."  In years past we have gone to the local zoo that has reindeer and Santa.  Since LWK wasn't a big Santa fan, we always knew we would get some great reindeer photos.  

This year the weekends have all been stormy or we have been sick/had other obligations.  When we tried to go to the zoo on the one reasonably nice day, there was a line out the door!  We had a retirement party to go to, so we didn't have all afternoon to stay at the zoo to see Santa.  I was upset, LWK was upset, J was upset.  We were going to throw in the towel and just call our tree lighting our Santa photo this year, but then J had a great idea to visit the "Santa Shack" near our Panera and Target.  

I wasn't happy, but LWK was excited to see Santa, so we waited in line even though I was teary about not keeping with tradition.  You know what?  This Santa was the best Santa we have ever had!  The price was reasonable, LWK was dressed festively and was thrilled that he got to ask for a battery powered Percy again.  Most importantly, we got this great and genuine photo:

I think LWK will be happy about visiting Santa from now on and I won't be turning my nose up at the "Santa Shack" anymore!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tree Photos

I love having a tree as a background for my photos this month.  LWK loves playing and reading by it and looking at the ornaments. I just love taking photos of him.  :)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Santa Take One

I play in the community band and part of our "job" is to play some of our local events.  At the tree lighting this year it was POURING rain and super windy, but LWK and J braved the weather to hear me play and see Santa arrive.

LWK hasn't been much of a Santa kid.  I know we don't push it at all, but last week when he asked me for a toy at Target I said, "well, maybe you need to ask Santa for it for Christmas."  It slipped out of my mouth before I had thought it through.

At the tree lighting, after Santa arrives, the kids can go and sit on his lap.  LWK has NEVER wanted to do this, but this year he was all about it!  He waited in line patiently and then he had his big moment!  Unfortunately, I missed the moment where he was pretty happy to walk up to Santa and talk to him since I was with the band, but J did take some photos and the local realtor snapped this one:

Not perfect, totally impromptu and he wasn't dressed "cute," but he talked to Santa and asked him for a battery powered Percy for his track.  I am pretty sure this kid is never going to outgrow trains....

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Decorating the Tree

My favorite part of Christmas is having a tree in our house!  LWK helped decorate a bit this weekend.  His favorite ornament is the little house that we have to commemorate the year we bought our house (2007).  He just thinks it is so funny that we have a little house on a tree that is in our house!  And, of course, he loves Snoopy!

Friday, November 27, 2015


We had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents and sister's family.  The boys sure had a good time and were silly.  Best of all, we got a family photo with all of us!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Thespian

LWK was a rabbit  and a duck in his Thanksgiving play for school. He nailed his lines and was, of course, adorable!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015: The Bunny Rabbit

LWK has been asking to be a bunny rabbit since September.  We finally found a costume that wasn't white and pink OR Bugs Bunny.  MMH came over for trick-or-treating despite the torrential downpour!

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Halloween Party

LWK's school had a Halloween party, complete with a costume parade and bobbing for apples!  It was at the end of the day and LWK was pretty tired and done, but he was still a pretty cute bunny rabbit!

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Mud Pit!

LWK's school has a mud pit.  We knew LWK would like to play in it and on this day, he was having a grand time!  Right after the first photo was taken, LWK slipped and fell IN the pit.  He took a mud bath.  He had to have ALL his clothes changed, even his undies.  Also, we had to throw out the red boots.  No matter how many times I rinsed them out, there was STILL mud pouring out of them and they had some cracks in the sole.  If you're keeping tally, this was his second pair of boots that he has gone through since September!

After his "mud bath."

Monday, October 12, 2015

The First School Photo

I can't believe my baby is big enough to have school portraits done!  Because his farm school is so neat, he got to choose which animal he wanted in his picture.  My kid (part Gonzo, I swear) chose to hold a chicken for his photo.  Adorable!

Doesn't he look grown up and handsome?  Sometimes I think my heart will burst from the love I feel for him!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

What a glorious day to visit the pumpkin patch this year!  Luke wanted to touch every pumpkin as if he was giving it a blessing.  He thought the "ghost" pumpkins were funny  He also had no desire to participate in any other harvest activities.  In his mind, going to the pumpkin patch is only for riding the tractor and picking out a pumpkin!  Maybe someday we can do the corn maze!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Build a Fire Truck!

We met some friends at Home Depot this morning and built a fire truck!  Luke wasn't a fan of the apron or glasses, but he liked the hammering and painting!  One friend's mom even sent the kiddos homemade pumpkin spice doughnuts.  They must have been to die for because Luke had his eaten before we even got on the freeway and they smelled delicious!  When we got home, we cuddled and read "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and headed to the park.  Along the way, we found lots of treasures, like leaves, flowers and pinecones!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Four and a Half Years Old

Another half birthday!  How can you already be four and a half?  In this past month alone you have matured so much.  You are chattering away, thinking a lot and trying new things.  You still loves his trains and Thomas, but you also like watching "Finding Nemo" and reading books like Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom, Peter Rabbit, The Poky Little Puppy and Finding Nemo.  Rabbits and chickens are your favorite animals right now.  I keep saying it, but you are sooooooo close to reading.  You have a lot of sight words under your belt and you are sounding things out.  It is going to click one day soon and that makes my teacher heart happy that you will go into Kindergarten reading.  That is one less thing I am going to worry about!  You have your favorite toys, and you like your lovies.  You have rediscovered Doggie as a lovey and he goes to bed with you at night.

I just got rid of all your 4T clothes and you are starting to grow out of some of his 5Ts as well.  I am starting to buy things in the little kid department instead of the toddler department and I kind of hate how everything seems to be dark and violent in nature - superheroes and ninjas and Darth Vader. You don't seem to care that much about what you wear.  You are excited when your shirt has Thomas or Snoopy on it, but you don't ever ask to wear a certain shirt. You just moved into a size 12 shoe. Thankfully, I feel like your feet have slowed down a bit.  We have finally broken you of the "all Crocs, all the time" habit.  Now you wear boots to PreK, crocs to daycare and sneakers to other places most of the time.

I love that you really want to help around the house.  The other night you helped load the dishwasher and you are able to complete a task that I ask you to do (well, when you want to do it).  You are still terrified of the vacuum cleaner and that extends to the steam mop.  However, you love to help "swiffer sweeper swiper" the kitchen, but only with the green swiffer sweeper swiper, not the blue or purple ones.  You are kind of particular.

You have been super cuddly lately.  You love PreK, but you are EXHAUSTED when we get home.  I find that if I don't spend time cuddling with you on those days, you are a terror until bedtime.  You don't tell me much about your day, so I need to work on how to ask you so I get an answer. When I ask questions, I often get an, "I don't know."  I feel like I am already talking to a teen-ager sometimes!

You are quite observant and point out things like, "Daddy likes soccer and Mommy likes football," and "Your favorite color is purple and my favorite color is yellow!"  It is funny to see how you are wanting to find the differences between everyone and everything.  You love to build pillow forts on our bed and still need mom's old blue "cozy blanket."

At school you are making new friends, but you aren't always the best listener or rule follower.  I believe your PreK teacher is a saint.  You have a new friend who likes to roughhouse just like you and that isn't going over well at school or at home.  I am glad that you aren't always the instigator, but it does worry me a bit.  We have been talking that being a good friend means that you help each other to pay attention to the teacher and not roughhouse.  I know as an only child, it is a bit hard to figure all this out, but I hope you do before you get to Kindergarten.

You are much happier than you were a year ago.  You are finally potty trained, okay there are still some accidents, but you know what you should do and usually do it.  Thank goodness.  I think you are able to get your point across better and that is less frustrating for you too.

So, as I have said in every post what coincides with your birthday or half birthday, we are so blessed that we get to be your Mommy and Daddy.  I am truly amazed that you are such a great kid and that we get to witness all this wonderful little boyness each and every day.  I sure like who you are becoming and I know that rough patches are just that, patches.  It is hard to believe that my next true update about you will be when you are five years old.  It is so crazy to think about how fast all this time has flown by.  I am happy we don't wish it away and I keep working to live in the moment with you a bit more since these moments sure seem fleeting.

It is a beautiful fall day today and we have been enjoying "taking little walks to the park with green slides."  There are lots of trees and flowers to look at along the way and we get to practice crossing the street.  You like making "the leaves say crunch!"  I love taking pictures of you, much to yur chagrin, and freezing these moments while your world gets a little bigger each day.  We love you so much sweetie, how lucky we are to see you grow up!
And if you're feeling nostalgic, like I have been, here are LWK's other half birthdays:  6 Months Old18 Months Old2.5 Years Old3.5 Years Old.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of PreK

The day I've been dreading and so excited about came today - LWK is off to PreK.  Even though he has been going to daycare since he was 5 months old, this seemed like such a big move for him.  No longer will he be across the street from my school.  Both J and I are a half hour away in case of emergency.  The idea of that makes me a little ill, actually.

I took the morning off and we all got up together.  I made LWK pancakes at his request and and he was excited to wear his Thomas Boots (boots are required), his tractor shirt, carry his lunch box and wear his backpack!  Like usual, he wasn't a fan of the posed pictures, but I got a few shots before we left for school.

Once we got there, he went straight to the chickens and told them about how much fun school is going to be (funny to hear the exact words I use come out of his mouth) and how Daddy's car is blue.  The chickens seemed quite interested!

One the doors opened, at 9am on the dot, LWK was excited to go and find his cubby.  Something that i love that they do is have the kids sign in (just like the parents sign them in) so they have a chance to practice their names.  LWK can write the letters of his name, but putting them in a given space is optional in his mind, so it is nice that he is working on it at PreK right off the bat!  Also, notice that he is holding his pen correctly!  We have been working on it and I keep telling him that when he goes to school he has to do it the right way!

As soon as he signed in, he was off to circle time.  His sweet teacher had to ask him to look up and say goodbye to me!  And once I turned the corner into the foyer, I started crying.  How did he get so big so fast?????

He is staying for a full day and then I pick him up after work.  I was able to get there a little after 5 and he was happily playing trains.  He was dirty and was exhausted!  He had mud going down his back, his face had dirt across his cheek and his hands were filthy!  I am loving the freedom for him to be a kid who plays in the dirt at his farm school.  He had a good bath, good dinner and was in bed early!  He is going to love this year!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Pre-K Orientation

I can't believe LWK is starting Pre-K next week.  He is so excited and tells everyone he meets about his school.  Today he got to meet his teacher.  Thankfully J picked him up from daycare and got him to school in case I couldn't get there in time.  I walked in at exactly 4pm after getting caught up at school a bit.  LWK got to meet his teacher and she asked him to draw his face and write his name.  LWK was fascinated by the resident greyhound and was a bit distracted, but did the tasks that she asked of him.  After orientation, he had a scavenger hunt to complete, so we floated the duck in the water table, looked for bugs with a magnifying glass, fed the rabbits, goats and chickens and played in the mud pit!  The goat tried to eat our paper bag and LWK tried to get the chickens to follow him by saying, "follow me little chickens!"

He wasn't quite himself, but he went along with the activities.  When we got home, I took his temperature and he has a little fever.  He was in bed at 7:30, so hopefully he feels better tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Funny Things My 4 Year Old Says: Where the Wild Things Are Edition

After reading "Where the Wild Things Are" this morning, LWK gave me a raspberry and said, "Mommy, I'll zerbert you up, I love you so!"  Heart officially melting.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Pacific Science Center Play Date

The summer is quickly coming to a close and we wanted to get one last playdate in with the Mork girls!  One of the things I had wanted to do this summer was to go to the Pacific Science Center and check it out.  We went when LWK was a little baby to see a special exhibit there, but not since.  We got there early (shocking for all of us) and had time to play under the Space Needle and in the open grassy areas around Seattle Center.  We were even so early that we got tickets to the free preschool planetarium show!  The kids had a fun time in the Grossology exhibit and in the children's play area.  They even relived our childhood PSC experience of putting my fave in the air blower so my hair flew everywhere!

We tried out the butterfly house, but LWK was scared once we went in (like when we were at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens) and he and I left right away.   I was proud of him for trying the butterfly house - he had originally said he didn't want to do it but then said he did.  I knew he was nervous when we walked in and as soon as a butterfly flew by him, he lost it and I had to carry him out.  I did let him know how proud I was for him being brave and TRYING it out.  Just like the carousel in Victoria, we agreed when he was a bit older and bigger it wouldn't be so scary!  He did LOVE the bee exhibit though!  It was fun to watch them behind the safety of glass!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Funny Things My 4 Year Old Says: Nail Polish Edition

LWK has really gotten into having his toenails painted and I have been picking up "boy colors" on the cheap for him since it is the only way he will let me clip his toenails without a fight!

This evening, I was painting his toenails Seahawk blue and this was the conversation that happened between J and LWK:

LWK:  "Daddy, look at my pretty blue toenails!"
J: "They look great!"
LWK:  "Daddy, you should let mommy paint your toenails blue too!"
J:  "No, I like my toenails the color they are."
LWK:  "Hmmmmmmmm, the blue is really fun.  Daddy, you're really missing out on doing something really fun!"

J didn't cave, but it is hilarious for me to hear LWK say the things to J that I say to get LWK to try something new and fun!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Railroad Days

Our town is home to a railway museum and its depot is celebrating its 125th birthday this summer!  Each summer, the town festival is called Railroad Days where there is a parade train ride and vendors.  We haven't gone in the past few years, but we were in town this weekend and decided to head down and see the parade and try to ride the rails!  We got there in time to get on the next train and LWK was so excited!  I love that even though it is too loud and he was pretty unhappy waiting in line, he knows that something REALLY fun is going to happen and he toughs it out for us!

Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day Camp

LWK gets to go to the coolest pre-K program in the fall at a farm school complete with a little red barn and animals that the kids take care of, called the "Resident Staff."  Even better, they offer multiple week-long summer day camps about various topics and the last one of the summer is called, "I'm Working on the Railroad."  It was kind of a no-brainer that we would sign LWK up for it!  We have been prepping him all summer about going to camp and about going to school here in the fall, and LWK is getting more and more excited.  

This morning, I wanted to snap a few photos with his "first day” blackboard to practice for Pre-K, but he refused to look at the camera - that stinker!  As soon as we got to there, they were opening the door to welcome everyone in.  LWK found his bin right away and went right into the classroom, without my prompting and being told what to do.  He was a good follower (and probably remembered our visit in December)!  I signed him in and finished filling out emergency paperwork and when I went to check on him and say goodbye, he was happily in circle time reading a Thomas book.  He has struggled with doing circle time with Shweta, but he just followed suit today!  He barely said goodbye to me (sniff).  

When I came to pick him up, they opened the doors right at noon and all the kids were in the foyer and had just been outside.  LWK was a sweaty mess with a huge smile on his face.  As soon as he saw me, he came and grabbed my hand and took me into the classroom to show me the train puzzles and we did one before we gathered his belongings.  His teacher said he did a great job today!  As we were leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to the animals and one of the goats, Boots, came over to be pet.  LWK was so sweet with her, just like he is with all animals!  He is going to have a great week, and if today is any indication, he is going to have an awesome school year!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Park Date #3 and Apples!

Three parks in one week - we did it!  This time, we met with the Keatons and had a cousin play date!  We met at a park that had a playground AND a beach.  LWK was in heaven and so were the cousins!  We built a cool sand mountain that attracted some other boys to play with us as well!

And then, on the way home, LWK and I stopped at our favorite fruit stand and found these:

It is one of my favorite times of the year - apple season is starting! Sadly, it also means the summer is ending, but it is so yummy to have fresh, new crop apples.  I bought a huge bag!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Park Date #2

The tradition continues with the Mork girls!  Our summers have been pretty busy, so this is only our 3rd time getting together, but we had fun at a different park.  It was a nice and cool day, thankfully, and we had a nice lunch with the girls, the kiddos got their wiggles out and moms got to chat!

Oh how he loves slides!
Loving the "tater totter!"
Lunch - their favorite time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Park Date #1

This was the week of Parks with friends and family!  First, we headed to a splash park with the Gorskis.  The boys had a blast playing in the sprays and chasing each other.  Also, in true boy style, every hug turned into a huge wrestling match!

This was the park where LWK decided to jump/fall off the HUGE orca two summers ago (and we haven't returned since). All the way to the park I told him to stay away from it this year, but of course he didn't listen.  The funny thing I realized once we arrive is that orca has gotten smaller, LWK has gotten bigger or mom has taken a chill pill.  He mastered climbing and sliding off it like a champ, without any judgement from other mothers!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vacation 2015

Warning:  Instead of a whole bunch of posts on our vacation this year, I am making one big post with photo collages.  Feel free to skip around and just look at the adorable pictures!

This year we decided to stay closer to home for our family vacation and head up to Vancouver Island. It was a great opportunity for us to relax and connect as a family after a tough summer.  I even got to practice some of my photography skills!  We had a wonderful time, here are some highlights!

We took the ferry from Anacortes to Vancouver Island and we had so much fun!  LWK was excited to be on the big boat and loved looking out the huge windows.  We watched for whales and saw a seal.  He thought it was so funny that we drove our car onto a boat and the spray from the sea made him laugh!  Even though it was a 2 hour ride (and a 1.5 hour wait to actually get on the boat for some reason), this was a great way for our family to travel!
 Our first place to visit was Victoria.  J and I came here for a mini-honeymoon when we first were married, so we wanted to do some different things with LWK.  We visited the Royal BC Museum and the grounds around the Parliament Building.  Then we took a carriage ride around the old part of town and looked at the historical houses.  LWK picked up a leaf along the way that we carried with us for most of the day.  He thought the wooly mammoth was pretty cool and that the skeleton of the sea lion was a dinosaur!  By far though, his favorite thing was the carriage ride.  He loved the horse, Dolly, and waving at people as we rode by them.  I think the queen would be proud of his technique!
On our last day in Victoria we went to the Butterfly Gardens and to Butchart Gardens.  We thought LWK would love the Butterfly Gardens, but when we walked into the butterfly room a little bird with a HUGE voice squaked at us and LWK freaked out.  Thankfully, there was an aquarium in the lobby so J and I were able to go and see the butterflies and other animals (including that annoying bird).

We then headed to Butchart Gardens.  It had been raining that morning so there were very few people at the gardens, which is a rarity at Butchart (the number of people, not the rain).  LWK was a little impatient, but we did okay.  He wanted to go on the carousel and was so excited when he chose his horse.  Unfortunately, he didn't want the carousel to go fast and once it started, he became really upset and wanted DOWN AND OFF!  They stopped the carousel for us and we got off.  I was able to convince LWK to sit with me on the side and watch the carousel and he said, "when I am bigger it won't be too fast or too scary."  I love that he is starting to articulate how he feels and how things will be in the future.  I think he has my voice in his head, be that good or bad!  We got ice cream cones afterwards, which solved everything and we enjoyed looking at the fountains and beautiful flowers!  LWK was especially enamoured with the frog fountain and even gave it a kiss!

Between Victoria and Tofino, we spent the night in Nanaimo.  Our day was a bit eaten up because I needed to go to the doctor because I got pink eye.  I am not sure where it came from since J and LWK didn't get it, maybe it was from all the swimming that LWK and I did at the hotel in Victoria.  I was incredibly impressed with the efficiency and kindness in Canada of the doctor we visited.  yes, we had to pay out of pocket, but it wasn't exorbitantly expensive.  Even the prescription for the eye drops was about what I would have paid for a copay here in the states.  I did appreciate how they all kept apologizing that I had to pay anything.  I was in and out of the clinic and had my prescription in hand from the pharmacy next door in an hour!

We stopped at the Merridale Cidery outside of Victoria on our way to Nanaimo and since LWK was napping, I hopped in and had a cider tasting and bought some yummy cider to share with J.  Sadly, the cider that was AMAZING out of the tap wasn't as good in the bottles, so I just have to happily remember how yummy it was and plan to stop and drink it on site in the future.

At our hotel in Nanaimo we had a beautiful view and LWK LOVED the pillows on the bed!  I had a Nanaimo bar that was super yummy and stopped for gelato on the waterfront.

We headed to Tofino the next morning and stopped in Cathedral Grove on our way across the island.  The big claim to fame is that there is an 800 year old tree and a nice little loop to hike.  The trail was so well marked and so well travelled, it was easy for LWK to navigate and we found some lovely trees to enjoy.  We especially liked the hollow tree!  We found the 800 year old cedar and it was nice, but probably not our favorite tree on the hike.  We did make sure to give the trees a hug and kiss and get a few nice family photos thanks to other hikers who knew how to use a camera!

Tofino is at one end of the national park on the coast and the town of Ucluelet is on the other end. We took a day to go to Ucluelet and explore that tiny town.  They have a great aquarium, and we all know how LWK loves his fishies.  The aquarium uses local sea life that is caught at the beginning of the tourist season, keeps them in the tanks that are irrigated with the seawater from the harbor and then the animals are released back into the ocean at the end of the tourist season.  I was so impressed with the water being so nice and clean and the mission of the aquarium.  They had so many touch tanks and I loved seeing how gentle LWK was with all the sea animals.  He especially liked touching the sea anemones!  However, his favorite animal was the orange starfish.  We can't convince him to call them sea stars, so we will just let that go.  He chose a stuffed orange starfish to take home to cuddle and wear as a hat!

Ucluelet has a small lighthouse that we stopped to check out.  Unfortunately you can go inside, but the view of the ocean was beautiful!  LWK liked the waves crashing on the rocks!

On our way back to Tofino, we stopped and took a hike in the Rain Forest in the national park.  LWK has this hiking thing down and he led the way.  There were some rickety bridges that made me a little (okay, a lot) nervous, but he soldiered on.  We had to remind him to stop at the signs so J and I could keep up!

As I said before, we didn't love Tofino. It was a little too surfer/hippie/tourist trap-y for us, but the reason we really wanted to come here was for the beach.  LWK was talking about the beach for WEEKS before we left on vacation and we spent time on the beach each and every day while we were on the coast.

We stayed at a great little beach resort that was for RVs and had cabins.  Our cabin was in the trees and had a little treehouse cabin for LWK to play in.  He thought that was pretty cool and had fun playing and relaxing out there.  The resort was located on Mackenzie Beach and was pretty protected, so it was perfect for LWK to explore and for us to not be too worried since the waves were gentle.  We looked for treasures, built sandcastles, walked the beach, waded and enjoyed the sunsets so much.  It was a perfect place for us to stay and relax.

Since the beach we were on was pretty protected, I wanted LWK to see the REAL ocean without any islands off the coast, so we headed to Wickaninnish Beach where the surfers like to go!  The waves were crazy, so we kept LWK in a life jacket, just in case.  LWK didn't take too many chances.  We like that he seems to have a healthy respect for the water, thankfully!  We had fun watching people learn how to surf and seeing real surfers.  The open beach was nice, but a bit more stressful, so after our afternoon, we enjoyed being back on our little protected beach for the sunset!

We had such a wonderful week reconnecting and recharging as a family.  I think the beach will be a part of our vacation routine for the future!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He Likes It!

LWKy likes it!!!!!

For some reason, I haven't been a big pusher of cereal with LWK aside from a snack, without milk.  After organizing the pantry, I found a couple boxes of Life cereal (my favorite) and decided to make myself a bowl.  LWK was intrigued, so I made him a bowl too.  He loved the first bowl so much that he asked for a second!

Monday, July 20, 2015


A fun day picking blueberries before it got too hot!  Like usual, LWK ate more than ended up in his bucket!

We came back to the house for lunch and pool time.These two were pretty cute chatting - they have missed each other this summer!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The 100 Degree Adventure

It was 100 degrees at our house today, but in the interest of trying to do things as a family, we went on a bit of an adventure.  

I had seen signs yesterday that there was a tractor show going on at the farm where we get our pumpkins for Halloween.  We headed out and even the old farmers thought it was far too hot to be outside - a lot of them had packed up their tractors and gone home.  We did get to check out a few though!  LWK liked the tires and wheels and once he discovered he could kick big clouds of dirt, we never got him back on track.  Oh, well.

Because it wasn't hot enough and we weren't completely melted, we stopped at the falls to check them out.  I love that we occasionally stop here (often on extreme weather days), to take a little walk and reminisce about our wedding and think about how far our little family has come.  And try to avoid completely rude tourists (I'm looking at you family that shoved your way down the stairs with a child in a stroller and then practically used my kid as a stepstool to see the falls.  You are the kind of people who start stampedes in crowded places.....).

We also caught a glimpse of Thomas - he is visiting our town and we elected not to go this year.  LWK was just as happy seeing him parked at our depot as we drove to swim lessons this week!

We headed home, lingered in the air conditioned car for a bit, got in the house (thank goodness for the a/c units we bought this year that kept our house under 80) and waited for the sun to go over.  Once it went over, around 6:30, LWK and I ended up sitting in his kiddie pool and chatted.  I love chatting with this big kid, he has big ideas in that little head of his that makes my heart melt, no matter the temperature outside!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere!

It was a hot Saturday and once we ran errands, we came home and played in the pool in the backyard.  LWK had a blast watering everything, and I do mean everything.  When he watered the rocks, he kept saying, "grow little rocks, GROW!"

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Locks

I was playing in a clarinet group today and LWK and J came to watch.  The big lure to keep LWK interested, aside from raisins, was that we got to see boats!  After my concert, we walked over and got to see how the Locks work.  LWK thought it was so fun to see the boats raise and lower with the water and he liked waving at the boat owners too!

There are lovely gardens and lots of leaves for little boys to pick up and declare, "this is the most BEAUUUUUUTIFUL leaf I have ever seen!"

There was also a huge cedar tree.  Some kids hug trees, my kid is a tree kisser!

 LWK is starting to understand that we don't pick flowers, we just look at them and maybe touch them gently.

As we were watching the boats be raised and lowered, a train went by on this trestle.  A bit later, we heard a bell and it started to raise to let a boat through.  LWK really got a show about how everything worked around the locks!