Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kevin and Victor

LWK received Kevin (the yellow crane) as a gift and it took him about 2 seconds to pair him with Victor and start the dialogue between the two (Sorry boss, slip of the hook boss).

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Indoor Camper

My parents gave LWK a tent for Christmas, but we hadn't put it up yet.  After school, I put it up with LWK's help and he LOVES having his own little place to play and hang out!

I was making dinner and I went to check on where he was.  I could hear his iPad game, but didn't see him until I saw the glow from the tent!

Yep, I think the tent is a hit!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bellingham Get Away

Every once in a while we jones for a weekend up in Bellingham.  We decided to head up on Friday.  It was a little windy but the weather was AMAZING.  Our hotel room looked out on the train tracks, so LWK was in heaven!

We took a little trip to walk around campus.  The weather was still perfect and LWK loved running around, climbing in and on  and playing peek-a-boo in all the sculptures!

As you can see, he was a pretty happy guy!

Thank you, Bellingham, for such a nice weekend getaway!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring in February

So the rest of the country is in a snowstorm and freezing to death and it is in the 60s here in Seattle.  LWK and I were even able to play outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I trimmed back the roses, LWK played with all his outdoor toys (I fear he is too tall for some of them).  It amazes me how much he has grown up, but is still so enthralled with being outside, to the dismay of my daffodils that were decapitated.

This super sweet BNSF engineer hat is vintage and from my bestie's parents.  They found it while cleaning out a closet and thought of LWK right away!  LWK was excited but wanted to wear it down LOW and over his eyes!

I can't believe the daffodils are blooming in mid-February

I love the pure joy that LWK has in his soul.  I am so very lucky to be his Mommy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

National Pancake Day in the UK

After I posted this of the Book of Face, my best friend commented that is WAS National Pancake Day in the UK, so we celebrated in the good old US of A today as well.  My folks invited LWK and I over to help them  run some errands and visit for breakfast.  Mom made her famous pancakes (you know, the ones that wooed J to fall in love with me back in the storm of 2007 that she made while wearing her MuMu!!!!).

My mom never makes normal sized pancakes, they always fill the entire plate.  And, of course, my three-nager didn't want it cut.  But then he figured it out without making any mess whatsoever. LWK's problem solving skills were a kick in the pants for my dad - he needed a good laugh today!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Family Valentine's Day

We try to do something as a family around holidays and we decided that for Valentine's Day we should head to the zoo and aquarium.  I don't think the zoo we visited was quite as nice as the one in Seattle, but I really like that it has both a zoo and aquarium!

The weather was lovely and it was really busy, I was glad we got tickets online.  LWK hasn't been here since he was 2 and just learned to really run from me, so it wasn't a very enjoyable trip.  This time though, he walked the entire time and stuck pretty close to us, which was a nice surprise.  He even remembered where some things were from 2 years ago, it is funny how he doesn't ever forget things!

Seriously a beautiful day in February!

Pointing out the Polar Bear!

I love the chats these two guys have.  

Mmmmm, Grandma's Banana Muffins!
He zoomed through the zoo, but we couldn't drag him away from the aquarium!

Pointing out the different kinds of fish.

Do you see Nemo????
And as a treat, to commemorate his love of seals, we got him a harp seal in the gift shop.  He loves it and appropriately named him, Seal.

Seal's first photobomb.  LWK is so in love!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Date!

Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit on Valentine's Day!  J and I got to have an amazing 5 course dinner and time together - woohoo!!!

We even time to get a little coffee where our romance started and talk about our future:  vacations, LWK starting Pre-K, our 10 year anniversary and the next car we want to buy (and the next car we will probably end up buying, which is far more practical)!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Post Office Reward

The Post Office is not our friend in the year 2015.  LWK was an angel waiting in line for me to end up being told that I needed to pick up my package at the OTHER post office in our area, even though I had the card that told me to go to that one. And I had filled out a form online asking them to deliver it a certain day that J would be home, but they didn't deliver it.  And the other post office is only open from 9 - 3:30, so there is no way for me to get there.  What irked me even more was that she didn't apologize for their mess ups (the mail carried supposedly put the wrong card in my box).  Thank goodness J has flexible work hours and got the package before it was sent back to the sender.

As a reward for LWK being so good, and for myself for not going "postal,"  we headed to the old time drive in for an old fashioned ice cream cone.  LWK wanted white (I can't convince him that the flavor is vanilla) and I had a chocolate cone.  They were super yummy!

And the other cool thing, to make up for the post office debacle, was that we finally saw our town's herd of elk on the way home!  LWK was excited and didn't try to tell me that they were moose or deer!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Running late like usual for work (we should leave at 7), but LWK is so sweet when he sleeps that it is hard to make him get up!