Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016: All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well, this is it, at least for now.  I have been struggling with keeping up with our little blog this year and it has become more of a chore than a joy.  I was going to try and keep up appearances until LWK turned 5 in April, but the new year is feeling like a natural ending place for Ridge Ramblings.

I started this blog as a baby book of sorts for LWK and I still love looking back on these first (almost) 5 years of our little family.  In some ways I love telling our story, but now that LWK has started school I feel like our story is really HIS story and maybe it isn't my place to tell it anymore.  Things in life are becoming more specific to him - his thoughts and feelings, the name of his school, teachers and friends.  He is making his own friends and his circle is growing beyond the people we have known and loved all these years to encompass new people to know and love.  I wouldn't want to share things that might embarrass him or make him uncomfortable now that he lives outside our "bubble."

It isn't as if I have some huge readership beyond our friends and family and almost all of you get more relevant updates with emails or social media posts anyway.  If you aren't getting those and want to be a part of all the excitement (haha), just let me know and I can give you my Facebook or Instagram information.  I will probably take the time to eventually turn this blog into a personal book for LWK that he can someday look at and enjoy when he begins a family of his own.

Thank you for following us here at Ridge Ramblings and watching LWK grow!  Happy 2016!