Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Turtle

I wasn't having a great day at work and then I got this text from our daycare mom:

I love how proud his looks of himself all dressed up as a turtle!  I guess he kept it on for over an hour!

Monday, April 20, 2015

First Family Game Night

I didn't grow up as a big game player, but I thought it would be fun to start playing games with Luke after dinner.  For his birthday he got Zingo and we tried it last night.  The rules are still a bit fluid, but we had a great time and LWK did well considering it was his first experience with a board game!  Oh yeah, and Dad won.  No letting the kid get the upper hand or anything in this family!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Park Weekend

It is 70 and sunny this weekend, so we hit the parks with LWK.  he had a blast swinging and going down slide.  We went to an old favorite and found a new one within walking distance!  It is fun to take him now that I don't have a heart attack when he climbs high or chooses the biggest slide.  He is even getting good at waiting his turn and trying to negotiate with other kids when things aren't going well!

Going up is almost as much fun as going down.

Last year I had a heart attack when he tried to climb this.

He LOVES the swings!

Of course he found the biggest tube slide in the park.

And it was 2 stories tall.  He didn't bat an eye.

Seriously, look at how tall it is!
Coolest teeter-totter ever - for kids to play with adults!
I can't wait to check out more parks this summer now that he is big enough to fend for himself a bit!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Take the 4 Year Old Bowling!

There have been a lot of firsts for us lately.  This 4 year old thing kind of rocks - he is able to comprehend what we are doing and go with the flow and try new things (as long as they aren't vegetables).

On Friday night we met up with the Wrights and took the boys bowling.  LWK had a blast and so did everyone else.  All I can say is thank goodness for bumpers (but LWK was even able to foil them and get his ball stuck on the side of the lane).

See the concentration in his eyes????

It's looking good!

He jumped like this every time pins fell!

Dad showed him how to granny bowl.

But his toe was over the line :)

Possibly the biggest success was that he actually

And afterwards we  celebrated with pizza and trains on Mommy's phone!

Could they be any cuter???

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Lilacs

I love lilacs.  So much, in fact, that one of the reasons we decided to buy this house was because there was a lilac bush in the back yard.  It has been a bit unwieldy in the past few years, so I have hacked it back and we haven't gotten any flowers.  This year I was patient and it is filled with blooms that we have been enjoying.  I couldn't wait to bring that lovely scent into our home, but I don't think LWK was very impressed.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Funny Things My 4 Year Old Says: "Sunlight"

Now, sunlight isn't funny in and of itself.  But that is what he was calling the sunscreen I was spraying on him this morning before we went to the zoo.  As in, "Mommy, stop spraying me!  The sunlight tickles!"

It was worth it to hear him maintain his super fair skin today in the sunshine.  Also, I got him to wear REAL shoes (sneakers) not just crocs when we were out today.  Mommy FTW!  And the rainbow socks rock!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4 Year Old Stats

LWK had his 4 year old check up today and did a great job, even with 2 shots!  Dr. G was impressed with him, like usual.  He is 41lbs, 4oz (90th %) and 42" tall (80th%).  He surprised me by knowing J's and my first names when she asked him what Mommy and Daddy's names were.  He sang for her, told her all about his Thomas, hopped like a bunny for her and counted the numbers on the blood pressure machine (100, 200, 300!).  He didn't like the shots, but knew that they were coming since we had talked about it.  He jerked away for the one shot, she he has a pretty good welt that will hopefully go away soon.

So, as we already knew, he is perfect!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Funny Things My 4 Year Old Says: Yummy Bears

We have those wonderful Haribo Gummi Bears left over from LWK's birthday party and he insists on calling them "Yummy Bears."  Yes, sweetie, they are yummy and in the shape of bears. Yummy Bears it is!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

We have had so much partying in the last week (4 birthday parties in 5 days!), so Easter was a bit more laid back.  Grandma and Grandpa hosted Easter brunch and the kiddos had an Easter egg hunt.

LWK did great at the egg hunt.  I think this was the first time he figured out what was going on!

We were able to have a few family photos updated!

These cousins are too cute together, all in their blue plaid button downs!

And photos with the grandparents!

And, finally, a photo of my parents and their girls.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The 4th Birthday Bash

 One of LWK's friends had a bounce house party in January and LWK had such a great time, we decided to do the same thing!  Our local YMCA just got a bounce house and I was thrilled that it was available for birthday parties.  I was also thrilled that I didn't need to have 13 kiddos and their parents in my house all at once!

The bounce house took up the entire far end of the gym!
LWK's favorite activity was the slide!
MMH loved climbing
There was a huge floating turtle that the kids (and grown ups) loved!
And then there was more!  After the jumping, playing, turtle insanity, we got to party!

Simple decor in the party room! 
Cupcakes, of course, water and snacks!
And lots of friends to celebrate with.
LWK did great opening gifts, not usually something he does well.
Mmmmmm, cupcakes, popcorn and strawberries!
And all the kids got to take home a balloon!
I don't think I will ever have a big party in my house again.  The party was fast (only 90 minutes), but the kids transitioned well and were crazy tired by the end of bouncing.  LWK had his favorite friends and family there and showed me how much he has matured by being a good host, playing with all the kids, opening gifts nicely and saying thank you and just being a great kiddo!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Years Old

I am woefully behind on blogging, but I just can't can seem to catch up lately.  However, I can't let this milestone pass us by.

Our dear, sweet, funny, silly, independent, stubborn, train-loving LWK is 4 years old today!  We played hooky and spent the day as a family.  We slept in, had birthday pancakes, opened one big box with gifts (individual gifts are just too tedious for all of us), went to the Children's Museum, had dinner at Red Robin and came home to train cupcakes!  It was a perfect day and we got to truly enjoy and celebrate this amazing day that LWK entered the world, an April Fool baby born at 7:11pm!

Happy 4th Birthday, our LWK-a-roo!