Sunday, May 31, 2015

Park Evenings

The weather has been so very nice, it has almost been too hot to be out in the day for us fair skinned folks!  However, we have really been enjoying heading to the park as the sun is low in the sky to tire LWK out and enjoy the warm evening!  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful parks within walking distance of our house!

The first park is pretty new and this was the first time we brough J along!  LWK really wants to learn how to do monkey bars, but it is easier when Mommy helps a bit!

 The slide is always a hit.  Look at those long legs!

He won't pump his feet on the swing yet.  It is far too fun to make mom and dad push instead!

And it is even more fun with Daddy to see who can swing the highest!

There is a ship to steer...

And an abacus so LWK can work on his math skills.

And you can see the mountains in the background, kind of!

The next night we headed to another little playground.  This one has tons of slide and LWK can climb REALLY high

LWK's (and our) favorite thing at this park is the "tater totter."  What is so fun is that you can "tater totter" with someone much bigger than you and still have fun!

And there is a giant swing.  LWN and I cuddled while we looked at the clouds.

Then we went hand had froyo and walked home.  Gosh I love the pics of these two guys walking hand in hand!

Both of these nights we got home and LWK was bushed.  Mission: Accomplished!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sweet Friend

I love the sweet friends LWK has made at his daycare over the past 4 years.  I also love that his daycare mom takes the time to send me these sweet little moment.  It makes me a little sad that  he won't be there full time next year.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Big Boy Bike

After realizing last week that LWK's legs have gotten TOOOOOO long for his strider bike and his head has gotten too big for his helmet, we knew we would need to upgrade these kid staples for this summer.  After visiting the park on Saturday we headed to get some groceries at Fred Meyer, which conveniently also has bikes.  We picked out a red one for LWK and a new helmet for his huge noggin!

We decided to walk the bike over to the school across the street.  Since we live in the middle of the block and are trying to be good role models, J and LWK walked all the way down to the crosswalk to cross.

 LWK was excited to wear his helmet!  I was hoping for something without camo, but moms of boys sometimes don't have a choice (kind of like pink and purple for girls!).

LWK didn't like the whole having to push his feet down to pedal.  Here is J explaining how pedaling works.  LWK was not impressed.

Then, all LWK wanted was to be pushed.  We were having a bit of a standoff in this pic:

LWK didn't think it was much fun once we refused to keep pushing him, so we took the bike home and walked to the park!

LWK had to go head first down the slide, because that is way more fun.  At least it is less stressful now that he is bigger than when he was 18 months and tried to do it.

He is loving climbing higher and higher!

All in all, a successful first time two wheel bike experience!  Way to go LWK and Daddy!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Painting and Scissors

Grandma and Grandpa came over to celebrate Memorial Day a little early today.  LWK showed Grandpa how he draws a pillow in yellow, LWK's favorite color of the day.  Grandpa made it into a batman!  Then LWK painted a cat and kitten green for them to take home.

We also started working on using scissors.  I keep saying "thumbs up!" but LWK wants to do it "his way."  I feel like this will go the same way as using a pen or pencil; him being stubborn and me being frustrated that he won't do it right.  This is why we are sending him to pre-K next year, right?

Hopscotch and Swimming Doggie

We did a little shopping on Saturday and hit a few sales.  Afterwards, we went to a little park in Woodinville that had a nice little play area and a walking path.  LWK made friends with an older boy named Jacob who was so sweet with him.  It makes me a little less nervous about making friends for when he goes to a totally new school next year.

This kid loves the twisty slide, going down on his tummy and jumping off the edge of it!

 He is really liking to swing too.  Although he is lazy and only wants us to push him.  We keep working on pumping his legs, but then it becomes a battle of wills.

I remember having a heart attack on these little springy seat rockers a few years ago.  Now he can barely get in them and then is too big to really make it rock anymore.

After the playground, we headed around the little walking train.  Or as LWK called it, the "Whispering Woods."  LWK wants to walk all by himself lately, so it was sweet to see him holding J's hand.

We stopped and looked at the stream and a Mommy duck and her ducklings.

 Then we met a group of people who had been at the picnic shelter celebrating a birthday.  They had brought their dog to the lake and were throwing the ball for him to retrieve.  LWK was fascinate that a doggie could swim!  They even let LWK throw the ball, but that dog was a great catch and kept catching LWK's pitches in midair!  That didn't dampen LWK's spirit - he just thought it was so cool that a doggie was catching the ball when he threw it!

We headed back toward the play area and found that someone had created a hopscotch board.  LWK loved saying the numbers, tracing them and jumping on them in order.

Even J got in on the hopscotch action!  Way to go Daddy-o!

We got a quick family selfie in.  Shockingly, we are all smiling and looking at the camera!

And on the way back to the car, we found a caterpillar.  LWK gave us the lowdown on the caterpillar building a chrysalis and becoming a beautiful butterfly.  There was no need to crush his dream that it will probably be an ugly moth....

Also, notice that LWK has a grass stain on his knee.  I don't think he has ever had one before.  A new laundry challenge, be that good or bad.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Blues Man

LWK found his harmonica this morning.  Here is his rendition of the "Wheels on the Bus Blues."


Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Most Favorite Thomas Book

LWK loves ONE story out of his huge book and that is what he wants before bed every night.  He loves it so much (and it is so heavy) that the binding had broken on it, so I took it to our librarian, Donna, and she fixed the binding and reinforced the rest of the cover for us as well!  LWK was so excited to have it back, he chose to read it instead of playing with the iPad on the way home from school!

We wrote Donna a thank you note when we got home.  LWK drew her a pillow, of course AND he wanted to say "Thank you for fixing my MOST FAVORITE Thomas book!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Pillow

LWK has been a bit more of an artist lately.  He still likes doing blocks of color and he is getting closer to coloring in the lines.  And I swear he writes his name with all the letters scattered around the page to get my goat.  However, he has started drawing something quite endearing:  pillows.  He draws him for the people he loves and when he gives it to you, he says, "I drew a pillow for you to lay your sweet little head on!"  This one was for J:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Evel Kneval

We haven't done a lot of bike riding with LWK.  Our backyard isn't big enough or flat enough and he also refused to wear a helmet.  I was curious if his old helmet still fit and it BARELY does.  Of course, now he actually wants to wear it.

His legs have gotten too long for his tricycle.  I think we will need to upgrade this summer.

I really do love the stars and stripes (and airplanes!) on his helmet.  I wish they made it in a bigger size!

He did try out his strider bike out.  Since he has pretty much ignored it since he got it for his 3rd birthday, I thought it was a good sign.  He calls it his motorcycle.  Of course, J had to raise the seat on it!