Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tree Hugger

This may be the earliest in my life that I have gotten my Christmas Tree up (in the most basic definition).  The tree is "up" and fluffed and plugged in.  No ornaments or tree skirt.  In fact, I can't even find the tree skirt - I am sure it was put someplace very safe last year.  I hope to have it presentable before we get out for Christmas Break on the 19th!

LWK loves turning on the tree and hugging it!  Love my little Tree Hugger!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The First Snow of Winter!

What a perfect 4 day weekend to have a bit of snow!  LWK first saw it out the window upstairs and when he came downstairs, he looked out the bay window and exclaimed, "Mommy!  It's snowing down here too!"

We got all bundled up and I got the good camera ready (sorry for the lack of good camera pics this busy month) and captured a little joy that LWK and I felt with our 2 inches of snow!  Dad, being the true Canadian, snoozed since this isn't real Canadian winter snow!

LWK loved leaving tracks in the snow!
Maybe Caillou is a good thing, he was willing to get all bundled up!
Of course we built a snowman!

I love the joy on his face!

Just enough snow to stir the excitement for winter, but not so much as to cancel our plans to drive to Grandma and Grandpa's house so J and I could see a movie!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Everybody Loves A Parade!

LWK wasn't thrilled that I wouldn't let him watch Thomas this morning because I wanted to have him watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I knew that a Thomas balloon was making a debut and I wanted him to see it!  Thankfully, while they were doing the intro to the parade, they kept showing Thomas in the background and LWK was sold!

Being my kiddo, he also loved the band!

The turkey says "gobble, gobble!"

And Thomas!!!

 And the bonus was Snoopy!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Turkey Art

I've been feeling bad that I haven't been doing many art projects with LWK.  They are kind of messy and I want them to be "perfect" and he doesn't do them the way I want him to do them....  Yes, I am such a controlling mom/teacher.  It was nice when I picked him up from daycare today and he handed me this turkey that he "made for you, Mommy!"  Super cute, I didn't have to deal with a mess and mom guilt somewhat alleviated!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mommy's Band Room!

I had conferences tonight and LWK and J came to visit and play on the drums in the band room while I had a quick dinner break.  LWK is so cute on the instruments.  He has learned he can use a mallet and run up and down the xylophone to make a cool sound and he likes playing different drums with different mallets to see what they sound like.  He has such joy in his heart, and I love it (and him)!

It was also nice to get to talk to people other than my students' parents for a whole half hour!  Conferences are 7 hours with a 30 minute lunch and bathroom breaks if you can catch them.  I had one five minute break, so I talked for 6 hours and 25 minutes, basically the same spiel. I am glad I have such good kids, so the conferences are pretty easy, aside from one parent who caught me as I was leaving that is totally out of my hands.  

So, after a 12 hour work day, it was fun to see this guy having such a great time!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Playing Photographer!

I took some pic of my sister's sweet family last weekend for their Christmas card.  My sis had a great location at a beach near them with beautiful trees and trails!

It was a chilly, but beautiful, day!  And we got to have "Old McDonald's" on the way home!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Bear

Big Bear is my bear from childhood.  A friend of my parents drown from Colorado with this bear in the front of her VW Bug for me!  LWK loves it too, but Mr. Bear is old and some of his stitching was coming undone, so it was time to get fixed up at the bear hospital (aka Grandma and Grandpa's house).  When he was all fixed, this is the email I received from Dr. Grandpa:

"Mr. Bear's surgery went very well.  He is now out of recovery and resting in the "Blue Room".  Has complained about having to be in the hospital and is ready to go home.  Mr. Bear's recovery is complete and he is now ready for discharge. 

Bear Hospital Doctors"

LWK was happy to have him back!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Sometimes you just need to jump and get the wiggles out before brunch!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Reader

LWK has been loving this collection of Thomas stories from Grammie and Grampie.  When I got out of the shower, I found him reading (making up stories to) the pictures.  So sweet!  Love that tongue hanging out - he is working hard!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Impromptu Play Day!

We have had really cold weather and a wind storm that knocked out power in my school district, so we got to have a surprise day to hang out and play!

Since it was so cold, LWK was thrilled to be cozy and I did a Preschooler swaddle on him to make him "Super Cozy."  He loved it and stayed in his burrito the whole time I was getting ready!

We also ran a few errands and met up with the Hammondses.  MMH and LWK are so fun together - the giggle like little girls and tell jokes and sing songs and LICK EACH OTHER??????  They had a great time and it made running errands a bit more fun!

We came home and cleaned up the house a bit.  It sounds like the power is back on, so we will be back at school tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Playdate

I love these kinds of mid-week holidays where we can see the Mork girls!  We started off at a crazy coffee/playroom and then we headed outside to have lunch and play in the cold!

They had a super cool old pirate ship.  LWK actually knows what pirates are now and says cute things like "arrr matey!"

More than anything, he loved seeing the wheel spin on the pirate ship!

I'm not sure if LWK would be a good naval commander since he liked looking INTO the cannon....

 There was also a cute little old fashioned Merry Go Round!

This big 2 year old is really able to keep up with the big kids now!

LWK loved the slide and I was impressed that he was able to go up the rope ladder to it!

And, yet another reason seafaring may not be in his future, looking through the telescope the wrong way!  I was impressed that he knew what a telescope was though!

What a fun day.  The wind made it a bit chilly, but as long as we were moving we were warm enough!  That isn't a problem with a 4, 3 and 2 year old!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Flying Ace

We went to TEM's 4th birthday party today.  I can't believe how fast these kiddos are growing up!  LWK was a bit off the whole time, but the hit of the part with TEM's plane that you can ride in!

The hat!!!  The hat just kills me.  He had it on for about 2 seconds before he ripped it off.

After the plane and the presents and the cake, the boys just chilled while watching Planes: Fire and Rescue.  They have this zoning out thing down!

And then LWK crashed on the way home and slept for, get this, 4 hours!!!  So much for giving up naps.  I pretty much expected that he would be grown out of all his clothes and shoes the next day!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Funny Things my 3 Year Old Says: Newest Joke

LWK's newest joke:

Why doesn't the elephant like being on the computer?
Because he is afraid of the mouse!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I am so happy that we found a place to get LWK's hair cut that doesn't completely stress me out.  I never thought I should take my kid to a "kid's cuts" kind of place, but I was so tired of taking him to our local chain shop where the hairdressers would barter about who would have to cut his hair and be miserable the entire time.  Oh yeah, then scalp him since it was easier than giving him a real haircut.  And LWK and I would both be wrecks by the time it was done and I wouldn't be at all happy with how it all turned out.

LWK now has his own stylist - her name is Shelby.  She already knows his love of Thomas and all things train.  When he gets squirmy, she speaks nicely to him and waits patiently for him to settle back down.  You know, she treats him like a person and it is so nice to not be completely stressed out the entire time.  And most importantly, he leaves with a little boy haircut instead of looking like he just entered boot camp!  Totally worth the extra cost!

Also, the train table to a good bribe!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funny Things My 3 Year Old Says: The Comedian

Move over Jerry Seinfeld (or whomever is a popular comedian now)!  LWK is all about the jokes right now.  Some of his favorites:

LWK:  Why did the chicken cross the road?
Me:  I don't know, why DID the chicken cross the road?
LWK:  To get to the other side! (silly, fakey laugh)

LWK:  Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Me:  I don't know, why IS 6 afraid of 7?
LWK:  Because 7 8 9 (7 ate 9)!  (silly, fakey laugh)

LWK:  Why are fish so smart?
Me:  I don't know, why ARE fish so smart?
LWK:  Because they swim in schools! (silly, fakey laugh)

LWK:  Knock, Knock.
Me:  Who's there?
LWK: Boo!
Me: Boo, who?
LWK:  You don't have to cry about it! (silly, fakey laugh)

Gosh I love this kiddo and telling jokes is perfect for a kiddo born on April 1st!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Future Spelling Bee Champion

LWK was asleep for about 20 minutes last night before getting up and coming downstairs to count his candy (again).  He got out a Snickers bar and started saying the letters in order (nothing new there).  But then he started sounding out each letter and putting them together: "SsssNnnnnIiiCKkkkEeeeRrrrrSssss. SNICKERS!"  

I hadn't told him what that candy was called or anything, he just did it himself.  I can't believe he is sounding out words. Is he even supposed to be able to do that at 3.5 years old????

The Milky Way bar kind of stumped him since he knows a Y says "yeh" and doesn't believe us that it can be silent.  At least we have that left to teach him, right?