Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cousin JAK's Birthday

It is hard to believe that JAK is 5 years old and heading to kindergarten in the fall!  We went to his Superhero themed party and had a blast playing in the sand table and with bubbles!

Aunt Julie always has popcorn at her parties, LWK counts on it!

And a Mother of the Year Award for LWK's first taste of Pop Rocks!  I thought he would have a reaction, but didn't really.  he did like them though!

And here is a photo of what will forever be known as "The Cake Incident:"

LWK just couldn't control himself and JAK SCREAMED when LWK took a swipe of his cake.  Poor kid, every year for JAK's birthday I bet LWK will be reminded of "the year he swiped the frosting!"

Friday, June 27, 2014

Play Doh

LWK and I had a nice walk down to the Y this morning, I was all ready to drop him at the daycare and work out when he COMPLETELY LOST IT!!!  I went to the lobby and we sat and I talked to him and gave him a snack, but he still refused to go to the daycare.  I just couldn't leave him with those 18 year olds when they were so busy and he was needing so much attention.  So we turned around and came home, noticing all the flowers the entire way.  He liked the hydrangeas in our front yard the best.

When we got home, there was some belly-button flashing!

And then, in an effort to not be watching the TV all day since we were stuck at home, I got out the play-doh and LWK spent OVER AN HOUR playing with it!  He made the funniest faces while pressing molds into it (and trying to get them out).

I love how his little hands are getting so good at fine details!

At the end, he loved rolling the play-doh into a "round, round ball."

I'm going to try and keep up the artistic time on the days we are home.  I have paints and other messy things.  Be still my heart!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shirts Optional

An impromptu dinner at our house with the Hammonds family.  Shirts were optional.  Well, for the kiddos at least....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Summer has begun and we had our first weekly playdate with the Morks!  We headed to Skymania Trampolines and our LWK-a-roo had a BLAST!!!  I was also able to figure out the settings on my camera to get some good shots of the kids in a strangely lit, high movement place!

We took a little snack break and LWK was a sweaty, red faced mess.  That didn't stop him from getting back out there to jump for another 45 minutes after his break!

And then those sweet Mork girls....

After the trampolines, we headed out to their house for lunch and to play!  The first thing LWK wanted to do was talk to Bella the kitty cat!  I think he was more thrilled that poor Bella was.

 Then we had an outdoor lunch!

The Morks got a cool play structure last year and they just got swings installed - they are super cool and fun!

We came inside for some quiet time and playing.  The kiddos had a great time dressing up as butterflies!

What a fun day, even without naps!  We are looking forward to many more fun playdates to come this summer!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Puzzle

No, really, I think the middle of the kitchen floor in front of the stove is the PERFECT place to put together your floor puzzle LWK!!!

The cool thing is that he did this ALL BY HIMSELF.  He didn't ask for help or reassurance from us, he just did it, in order, of course, and said the name of the letter, the sound it makes and the corresponding animal for every bit of the alphabet!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Whistler!

Some of my cousins were in town from Iowa for an event their son was in, so we gathered at my folks' and ate, chatted and had a grand time!

First of all, my nephew JAK learned how to whistle and I caught him doing it while he wasn't looking (otherwise he would have given me a mean face for the camera).

These boys are a riot when they get together!

LWK loved riding the tricycle and dad got to help get him goingthe right way.

LWK had some precious cargo on the back on his trike - Ted E. Bear!

And sweet JRK had fun playing with our old little kitchen set making Stone soup, of course!

And here are all the cousins with our crazy kids!

While Julie was taking a photo on my cousin's camera, JAK and JRK were trying to get us all to laugh and smile for the picture.  I wonder where he learned to act completely silly to get people to smile for the camera......

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This Week At Daycare: The Reading Party!

I got lots of photos from our daycare mom this week of LWK sitting on the potty (not doing anything aside from sitting, but still sitting) but I kind of feel like those would be embarrassing for LWK someday down the road and don't feel comfortable sharing them.  Maybe that will kick me out of the running for mom blogger of the year, but whatever....

However, I WILL keep those photos for when he has his own kids and asks how we potty trained him!

I loved this picture that our daycare mom sent.  I got it within an hour of dropping LWK off and even though it is blurry, I love that all the boys have chosen a book and are reading together!  Don't they look cozy and comfy!?!?!

Sadly, this will probably be my last "This Week At Daycare" for a couple of months.  Although, he will be going occasionally so I can get my hair cut or get some deep cleaning done (I'm looking at you guest room, master closer and cupboards) while I am on my unpaid vacation for the summer!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ready or Not...

Potty training, here we come!

Even Ted E. Bear is on board with it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Warm Fuzzies

The last day of school is tomorrow, well the last day with kids is tomorrow.  This last week or so of school brings out the best and worst in kids, these are two of the best.

One of my students "pimped a baton" for me!
This was a sweet note from one of my boys.  It definitely deserves a place in my desk drawer!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Go USA Soccer!

I think Dempsey made that awesome shot at 1 minute into the game against Ghana today because this little dude was decked out in his USA Soccer shirt!  I guess he will be wearing it on Sunday to when we play Portugal!

The Rock

Just little moments from our day.

I had given LWK some popcorn in a cup and he went and sat on the stairs to eat it.  His little feet kept moving, but he was looking right at me.  Heart melting....

 LWK thinks rocks are BEAUUUUUTIFUL!

Such a little boy, I love his eyebrows.

A bucket full of duckies!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The 4th Father's Day

We had a pretty laid back day celebrating dad.  J slept in, we went to Costco and then headed out to dinner.  These guys are pretty cute together.  I can't get over how big LWK is getting, but that he still wants to take Ted E. Bear wherever he goes.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Tuba Prodigy

Every year, the weekend before school gets out, I bring home all the big brass instruments from my school to clean in our bathtub.  I hate this part of my job - the instruments are stinky and heavy and annoying to take apart and put back together.  However, if I don't do it, they will just be stinky and gross for kids next year when I check them out again, so I suck it up.

They seriously take up half my sun room....
Once I lugged them upstairs, LWK kept going in and checking on the "Tuba getting clean in the bath!"

Once I took it out and dried it off he did this adorable thing:

Hello?  There's nothing in here!!!
 And then, be still my heart, he did this:

I only wish that I had my nice camera, alas this was caught on my iPhone.  The adorableness still makes it a great photo, right?

He kept playing around on it (this time with a mouthpiece) and he got a sound out!  He seemed just as surprised as I was - do you know how long it takes me to help some kids get any sound out, much less a good sound?!?!?!?!

Then he became fascinated with the valves and "pushing the buttons."

As a music teacher, I keep thinking about what instrument he will play and I joke that I hope he chooses French horn or double reeds for the scholarships, but I think I would be just fine with a low brass player in the family!