Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today we were going to go to a farm that has a little kid theme park to it with the Mork girls.  We had bought Groupons that are good until September with the plan to use them sometime this summer.  We had the best of intentions, but LWK and I were running late and the Mork girls were early, so they stopped to pick raspberries at the entrance of the farm.  LWK and I got there about 20 minutes late and I decided to swing through the parking lot and see if the girls were still picking.  They were.

LWK wanted to find AGM, so we got out of the car and headed out to the fields.  We found the girls and AGM and LWK went running to each other like they hadn't seen each other in ages!

Then we started picking.  The long rows are perfect since the kids can run, but not get too lost.  The upper berries are perfect for adults to pick and there were some great berries down low for the little ones.  What a wonderful lesson about finding the perfectly red ones and leaving the not-quite-red ones on the bush for another time.  I am pretty sure that more berries ended up in LWK's belly than in our box!

The kids had so much fun running and playing.  B and I were able to be one with the raspberry bushes and have some zen moments while picking berries.

By the time we were done, LWK was FILTHY!  His face had dirt all over it (and berries), his feet had the outline of his sandals and his nails have lots of dirt under them.  He fell asleep before we were even off the farm grounds!  What a perfect day for a little boy!

Oh yeah, and we got TONS of raspberries.  Okay, like 5lbs.  I made a sherbet, we have eaten lots and I have frozen some for a dreary fall or winter day.  I love days that end up different than you planned, but better!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Playhouse

I have been comparing playhouses for LWK since May.  I had decided on one, but kept putting it off because I didn't like the price and it just wouldn't go down online.  Then, at the end of last week, my #2 choice came up on a great sale on Amazon - half price!  I ordered it and it came today.  It was quite a workout to get it together (isn't it always?) and LWK was adamant about being RIGHT IN THE THICK of the construction, but we got it together.  It worked out PERFECTLY!  It fits the spot I wanted it to be in our backyard, it is gender neutral and LWK loves it!  What more could we want???

First of all, I was afraid that the box it came in was going to be more fun than the playhouse itself.

I should have taken some photos of LWK as he was trying to sit at the little table inside while I was screwing this thing together.  At one point, he crawled through the window to get in!  There wasn't a lot of room inside, but we managed to make it work so he could sit at "his little table" while we worked.

Along with the table, it has a little phone.  LWK is so funny when he is talking on the phone.  The first time, it was like he was making a playdate with someone for tomorrow.  He said "okay, goodbye" and then I reminded him that we had plans with AGM tomorrow, so he pretended to call the person back and even said "sorry" as he jabbered away.  This pretend play is getting to be pretty cute and fun!

Then LWK and J worked on their golf game - isn't it great that LWK has a golf course right out his front door?

Picking the right club is an artform!
"Helping" Daddy by moving the cup.
Good thing that Daddy is a good sport!
This is LWK's "I'm done with the paparazzi, Mom" look.  By the way, I love this striped terry shirt that LWK wears after swim lessons.  It makes me happy every time I put it on him!

The playhouse is going to get a lot of use.  I am even more excited that it will be a good place to store his outdoor toys that are accumulating.  I have some fun plans for it.  I want to paint the plywood that we put down to help level the ground a bit with some cobblestones, maybe move a planter to in front of the house so he has some plants to water and finally, I need to move a gnome out front (thanks for that idea RFM)!  It wouldn't be a real house without a gnome!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Funny Things My 2 Year Old Says: 3-2-1 Blast Off!

I realized that I have so few videos of LWK, I just tend to take more photos than anything else.  I have been trying to remedy this and now that he is talking more and more, he is saying and doing some pretty funny and precious things!

I got him this great little rocket ship from Green Toys.  I love their toys - they are made from recycled milk jugs in the USA AND leave such room for imagination without being tied to a certain movie or character.  LWK has their dump truck, bus, fire truck, airplane and assorted bath toys.  Their new line is SUPER cute and I would love to have the ferry and tractor for him.  Maybe I should wait until we are closer to Christmas to order them.  Otherwise, he will get them as "Christmas in July" presents like what happened with this rocket ship.

He can't count backwards yet, so he saying "one, two, VAFF OFF!!!"  Gosh, I love this kid and his quirky cuteness!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday with the Cousins

The cousins came over today to visit us!  It started off a little harrowing with JAK being sick, but now we think he may have been car sick and not sick-sick.  Thank goodness!  The boys played and played and played.  We had dinner and LWK had his first ever hot dog (seriously, how does an American kid live to be almost 2 1/2 without a hotdog???).

We cut up the hot dog in small pieces so he wouldn't choke and die and slathered it in ketchup.  The first thing he did???  Dump the hot dog and eat the ENTIRE bun.  That's my little vegetarian...

There was tons of little boy crazy energy going on:

Hiding in the curtains...
Climbing up and down the stairs.
I missed the chance to get a photo of their little "band."  LWK had the hand drum, JAK the harmonica and little JRK, the egg shaker.  And yes, most of their movements from the day were just that much of a blur!

After the cousins left, LWK contemplated the world from our front porch.

And finally, practiced his ring and run (or is that ding and dash?) skills.

Could he be any sweeter on those tip-toes???  Also, the giggles were completely infections as he dashed away.  So funny, so cute, so blessed.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Art Walk

Bellevue had an Art Walk today and we joined the Mork girls for a day of walking and art.  :)  We started out at JCP (training pants were on clearance, we couldn't resist!).  Then we headed over the the Bellevue Art Museum.  It was a bit crazy in there and a lot of the projects that were for kids were a bit beyond LWK.  He did love the coloring projects:

This woman deserves sainthood for how patient she was with LWK!
He loved getting to color on every page of the flip book!
LWK and AGM choosing colors!
There were lots of other things to do too, making angel wings, beading a bracelet, using Sharpies to make neon tile (yeah, I wasn't going to let that one happen)....  But what did LWK spent a good 45 minutes doing???

Playing with oatmeal.  Actually, with all the chaos, it was kind of zen and nice for him to be able to stand and just fill and dump oatmeal.  It gave me a good opportunity to talk with one of the coordinators of the Bellevue College Co-Op Preschool.  I would love to enroll him in that program, but we just can't do it with me working full time during the school year.  She and I did have a great conversation about simplicity in childhood and giving them time to explore and play.  Sometimes in our quest to make our child the smartest or be sure he or she can "get ahead" we forget how much they can learn just by playing with oatmeal....

AGM got in on the oatmeal action too.
AND this gave me a good idea for the end of summer when we are done with the sandbox - oatmeal on one side and beans on the other!  It might be messy, but such a great sensory experience!

With two toddlers to keep us busy, we sometimes forget about the littlest member of our playdate - ERM.  She is just so content to hang out, I got a few shots of her being sweet and adorable today too!

ERM just hangin' out at the bottom of the stroller.
Miss Smiles.
After the craziness at the museum, we had a bit of lunch at "our" park and the kiddos fell asleep when we went to look at the grown up artwork in the parking garage and on the street.  Once we were done with outside (it said 90 on my thermostat in my car when we went to leave) we let the kids play in the indoor playground at the mall while B and I enjoyed some iced coffee.  All in all, a wonderful day of art and kids!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bad Hair Days

LWK has been having some crazy hair lately.  The funny part is that it is pretty short, so I don't know why it is doing such crazy things and that I can't, for the life of me, get it to lay down correctly (or is it lie???  Grammar Girl just confused me more).  I'm waiting for the day when he has "the Alfalfa."

A Faux-hawk
The Squiggy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We had another fun day with the Mork girls.  Poor ERM never gets in any photos, but it is so fun to see her crawling, pulling herself up and cruising.  I bet that the next time they are here, she will try the stairs!  The kiddos played, had lunch, tried to nap (only one did successfully, way to go LWK!).  The moms had sangria.  We headed to a park, but it was WAY. TOO. HOT. to stay long.  Nothing earth shattering or new today, but it is sure fun to see the kiddos have fun, play and become friends!

I have also decided that LWK is going to become a cowboy or something.  He loves having that hat pulled WAY down like he is about to ride a bull or something!

If these two ever get married, we will have lots of cute photos of them.
This one will be used in a slideshow and we will have to say something
about marriage being about balance!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Scholarship Material???

I wonder if they offer scholarships for playing the whisk.  This seems to be LWK's new favorite instrument.
Hmm, let me check out my percussion drawer.....
Ahhh, yes, the WHISK is the perfect instrument
 for the mood of a Sunday morning....
I must have a big finish.....
Putting the whisks away, with a little marching band flair!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Slam Dunk and Bam Bam

This afternoon I was able to catch LWK and J playing in the backyard.  LWK has figured out that it is pretty fun to slam dunk the basketball from the top.  He likes to say "Alley-Oop" when he does it too!

J also tried to teach him about baseball.  He was a pro at putting the ball on the the T, but then wasn't sure about how to make the bat work and didn't want us to help him.

Once he got tired of us trying to help him, he spent the rest of the evening running around, dragging his bat around like Bam Bam with a club!

The other exciting news is that we got a new fridge today!  It is pretty exciting since our old fridge was so poorly laid out and I was even worse at making it work for us.  Our old fridge also would end up with random puddles of water in front of it (not under or behind it) and that was getting old.  We had been talking about getting a new one, but finally bit the bullet last weekend.

We ended up getting a Kenmore Elite and even after a trip to Costco, there is tons of room left.  The rest of our appliances are white, so we didn't want to go with stainless for one appliance, and an added bonus is that white is cheaper!  There was a harrowing moment when they were installing the fridge and it wouldn't fit under the upper cabinet because the upper cabinet sags just a tiny bit.  J got a file out and scraped just a little away and it fit like a glove (whew).  It is a bit bigger than our old fridge, but we thought we had the dimensions down correctly when we ordered it.

It is nice to actually be able to SEE the food in the fridge.  I think it will help us do better at eating what we have and not buying duplicates.  I was worried about the bottom freezer, but we can get into it even with the island blocking our way a little.  It will take some getting used to, but I am excited to not spend time trying to cram things in or fish things out of our refrigerator!