Sunday, January 25, 2009

My attempt at becoming a "Blogger"

So I have been feeling like I am the only person who does not have a blog. While snooping through my friends' Facebook pages, I think everyone has a blog where they relay funny stories about their lives.

Maybe it's because I don't feel like I have a lot to say that is that interesting. I like to think I am an interesting person and can tell a good story. Maybe it's because I have always been horrible at journaling. When I was in school and we had to keep a journal, I usually saved it until the night before it was due and wrote a month's worth of ramblings. It usually became more of a creative writing assignment since I had to come up with SOMETHING!

Hopefully this will be a different experience. Since I spend so much time on the computer, maybe I can write a few things that cause a chuckle. For goodness sake, I am a teacher and if nothing else, my students are an endless source of comedic fodder.

So, bear with me. I'm sure there will be times of feast and famine. Of course, I thought that about Facebook as well and I now spend more time checking it than my e-mail!