Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Great White North

J pointed out yesterday that we will have had three White Christmases in a row! We are celebrating in Canada this year, continuing our "every other year" tradition of flip flopping between our families.

The flight to Edmonton is short, only and hour and a half, but I am always surprised at how different the weather is! When we arrived, is was -22C. It is that kind of cold that takes the wind right out of you! By tomorrow, there is a mini heatwave going on to a +1! There is lots of snow on the ground and it has that satisfying crunch when you walk on it. Unlike Seattle, it doesn't melt and refreeze to become a sheet of ice. Oh yeah, and the city doesn't shut down. They still have stupid drivers though!

We have successfully completed two of out "To Dos" while we are here. Spicy Pirogi Pizza at Boston Pizza is amazing. I made a reasonable facsimile a few weeks ago, but not nearly as good as this. Of course, we also picked up some Tim Bits. Those tasty donut holes are amazingly addictive. Mmmmm, Tim Bits.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bit of This and That

I knew I would be bad at this whole blogging thing. It is kind of like keeping a diary. I always would start with great intentions and then slack off. Bear with me, I will keep slogging away!

J and I had our first anniversary in March. I am not sure where the last year has gone, but it has been fun. I can see how little old couples talk about it seems like it was yesterday when they first met. J has only been in my life for 3 1/2 years, but I feel like I have known him forever. I am so lucky that he found me. The next year will be fun and full of surprises. We have a big trip to Europe this summer, a trip to Canada at Christmas, the Olympics next February and maybe some time to relax and think about starting a family.

I have been having baby lust lately. It seems like so many people I know are starting families or are trying to start a family. Four years ago I never would have thought I would have this intense feeling of wanting to have a baby. Ugh, this clock is ticking loudly!!!!

I am hosting my sister's baby shower in a couple of weeks and I am feeling like my house isn't good enough. This has lead to a flurry of home improvement projects. Our dining room is now green and our yard looks awesome. Poor J has been a trooper putting down bags of bark, putting together our new outdoor dining set and seeming to be interested in which plants I should buy and where they should be placed.

I know the party will be fun. As long as there is food, cake and a baby on its way, it will be a success! Funny to think all this work is for 3 hours of gathering time!

The end of the school year is nearing. Our district is laying off about 130 employees, but I hope that I am in the clear. Who knows though. Just keeping my fingers crossed! I have a few friends who look to be possibly losing their positions. I am having some survivor's guilt about that. They are great teachers and it doesn't look like there is going to be a lot of options for music teachers in our area. I hope that public education (and music in our schools) will survive this most recent hit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel that Costco is a necessary evil in my world. I love the great deals that I can get on items there and as long as J and I avoid the books/dvd/fun stuff, we do pretty well. However, I think people turn dumb as soon as they pull into the parking lot.

It all starts with looking for a parking spot. Since people for some reason are unable to take the cart (aka, battering ram) to the cart rack, the entire parking lot is a bit like an obstacle course. Once you find a parking spot and get the necessary "battering ram," everyone stops right at the entryway to look at the big TVs. When you finally make it in, you have to maneuver around all the people who just randomly stop - this is where the battering ram comes in handy. I also love the children who are unsupervised and darting in and out between the carts. The worst is when they are giving away food samples. You would think people had never tasted toasted bread or salsa before. This inevitably causes a huge traffic jam at the exact place where I want to grab something quickly. The lines are always long and I love that people think that changing lines will help - if it doesn't work in Safeway, it isn't going to work in Costco!

I keep wondering if there is a good time to go that I don't know about. At least some of the newer Costcos have a better layout where you feel a bit less like cattle. Now if there way just an IQ test for membership...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick Day

So one of the drawbacks of being a teacher is getting exposed to all their germs. I have actually been sick much less in the past few years, so I guess there is something to be said for building immunity in my profession. This is just a cold, but my throat has been hurting and I can't breathe. I had been fighting it off for a week but since I had concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday night, I knew I couldn't not be at work. Darn my good work ethic.

I grew up in a house where I NEVER remember my dad taking a sick day. Not even when he got his wisdom teeth out. When he retired he cashed out his sick leave and had enough to buy a new truck to take RVing. My mom pushed this behavior as well. If you got up in the morning and didn't feel well she would "encourage" you just to hop in the shower. Once you got out, even if you still didn't feel well, she would say, "well since you have already showered, you might as well give school a try." I figure I will someday use this tactic on my own children.

Taking a sick day when I have a cold always seems like a slightly guilty pleasure. I know I could make it through the day, but I would have no patience and not enjoy the loudness of the band by the afternoon. While I am loafing around the house I start seeing all the things I should be doing, like clean the kitchen or do a few loads of laundry. These would be practical things but since I am "sick," I choose not to do them. Here is what I have accomplished:
  1. Made pancakes for breakfast
  2. Updated my Facebook and checked e-mail
  3. Watched a bit of Maury Povitch (you are not the father!)
  4. Highlighted my hair (because I am cheap)
  5. Ate shortbread cookies with pink sprinkles dipped in chocolate since the highlighting expended a lot of energy
  6. Folded towels that I had washed on Monday but were still in the dryer
  7. Caught up on my DVRed episodes of The Duggars (18+ kids, really???) and Intervention
  8. Blogged

Whew, I am pooped. I think I will ask J to pick up a pizza for dinner.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My attempt at becoming a "Blogger"

So I have been feeling like I am the only person who does not have a blog. While snooping through my friends' Facebook pages, I think everyone has a blog where they relay funny stories about their lives.

Maybe it's because I don't feel like I have a lot to say that is that interesting. I like to think I am an interesting person and can tell a good story. Maybe it's because I have always been horrible at journaling. When I was in school and we had to keep a journal, I usually saved it until the night before it was due and wrote a month's worth of ramblings. It usually became more of a creative writing assignment since I had to come up with SOMETHING!

Hopefully this will be a different experience. Since I spend so much time on the computer, maybe I can write a few things that cause a chuckle. For goodness sake, I am a teacher and if nothing else, my students are an endless source of comedic fodder.

So, bear with me. I'm sure there will be times of feast and famine. Of course, I thought that about Facebook as well and I now spend more time checking it than my e-mail!