Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is such a weekend that feels like it needs another day.  We have been having crazy rain storms and yesterday I braved the weather to go to the mall for a Mom coffee date sans kiddos.  It was amazing to be able to complete a thought while having a conversation!

Today we did our usual Sunday things to get ready for the upcoming week.  LWK and Dad got their hair cut.  LWK is getting better and better at being patient for the process.  He even let the stylist use clippers on him!  I was also proud of him for not melting down since the penguin cape was in the wash, so he had to settle for the beach scene cape.  Funny how these things don't seem to be a big deal, but can be a deal breaker for a toddler.

Such a Seattleite -- he just needs a cup of coffee
while working on his computer.

Blissed out DumDum photo -
why does he ALWAYS choose blue???

After the haircuts we did a Costco run.  J's new car did great - the trunk fit all of our purchases!  When we got home, we Skyped with Grammie and Grampie and Canada.  So sweet!

And that new haircut? She went pretty short and he looks like such a little boy!

Friday, September 27, 2013


After a late night last night for me (Open House went until 9:30pm) and an early morning meeting (who thinks Friday morning meetings are a good idea??? Not me.) I was looking forward to the end of the school day today.  It was made even better by the suggestion by my friend Kaisa that we take our boys out on a Mommy/Son date to the new Menchie's for frozen yogurt!

We got there and the boys had a grand time playing drums on the metal table.

Dear Lord, did I give birth to a drummer????
And LWK loved to "eat yummy ice cream."

Then we headed over the the Hammonds' house and got to play with the best toy of all - a piano!!!

It was so fun to see LWK play on the piano and explore the different sounds - he liked the low keys the best.  I am now combing Craigslist for a spinet for our back room.  Anything I can do to ensure that LWK won't become a drummer is my job as a music teacher!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jesus Loves LWK

Each night, when I am rocking LWK before bed, I sing him a few songs.  They have kind of developed over time, but I currently sing him a knock off of the Camp Fire Law (I change the last line from "and you will be happy in the law of Camp Fire" to "and you will be happy all the days of your life") and I also sing him my personal childhood favorite, Jesus Loves Me.  Call me sacrilegious, but I have always sung "Jesus Loves You" to him (I have very vivid memories of singing it to him at those 3am feedings when he was just a wee little baby) and then it morphed into "Jesus Loves LWK."  Sometimes I even sing "yes, Mommy loves you" and "yes, Daddy loves you" too.  Oh Lord, strike me down now!

And then, as if singing to him couldn't be any sweeter, tonight he sang our version of "Jesus Loves Me" with me.  It was oh so sweet and made the think of my dear grandmother who taught me the song under the cherry tree in our backyard when I was a little girl. Even though we changed the words to be special to us, I think she was smiling down on us and LWK's little voice singing "Jesus Loves LWK."  Both my grandmothers would have loved to rock-a-bye this sweet little boy, oh how I miss them.

He is growing up too fast, I am going to go have a good cry now...

Hello Fall!

Time to don the Great Pumpkin shirt for the next month!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Being a Friend

A few weeks ago I wrote about how LWK's buddy at daycare was a good friend to him when he was scared of the loud trucks outside.  Yesterday, we got to see LWK be a good friend to MMH while we took care of him while his parents were at the football game.  MMH's parents were in a bit of a bind for childcare and we took on their son for the day so they could both go to the game.

MMH is 11 months younger than LWK and they know each other from daycare (and because their moms are friends!).  I wasn't sure how it would go.  I worried that LWK would be jealous or not want to share his toys or just be bored having one kid to play with all day who can't quite do all he can do. The day was absolutely wonderful.  The boys played so nicely.  Yes, there were a few incidents of "if mommy is holding him, she needs to hold me too," but overall, LWK was a good host and friend.

When MMH's dad left, he was sad and crying.  I was so impressed with LWK - he ran to his easel, grabbed a crayon and gave it to MMH and asked him to come and color!  When LWK would get a toy, like a balloon or puzzle, he would get one for MMH too.  They took naps at the same time.  They did an art project together.  They played train tracks together.  It was great!

I loved that LWK was being a good host and friend to MMH.  He was patient, kind and sweet.  Not that I should have expected anything less, but it was so good to see everything about kindness and friendship in action with LWK!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Autumn Project

Today we celebrated the first day of autumn with a Seahawks win, a rain and wind storm and a painting project!  Most of our projects haven't been overly successful - lots of prep and clean up for Mom, LWK wasn't as into it as I hoped, etc.  Today's project was fun, not too messy and cute.

We started off with some pretty basic supplies:  green construction paper for trees, toilet paper rolls for trunks of trees, yellow, orange, red and brown paint, Q-Tips and a couple of lids to hold the paint.  We were taking care of one of LWK's friends today and he painted with us, hence the doubling up on some supplies.

I took some of our laminated placemats and used masking tape to secure the treetops so there would be easy clean up.

LWK liked naming the colors on his "paintbrush."  He was able to name them all!

He also liked dabbing the paint.  When I first showed him what to do, I said "boop" every time I dabbed the paint, so he was saying "boop" as he did it too!

Once the boys were done and the treetops had dried, I cut two slits down the opposite sides of the toilet paper rolls, slid the dried tree top in and we have a cute little fall project from the things we had on hand in the house.  I think this could be fun to do with pinks and whites in the spring for the cherry blossoms or in the shape of a Christmas tree for the lights in December as well.

All in all, a fun, successful and cute project for a rainy Seattle day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


LWK is starting to "read" his books.  It is so sweet - lots of gibberish and then his favorite lines like "troublesome trucks," "go, go, go" and "no, no, no."  And, of course, we hear him say "Thomas!"


Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr. Funny Face

LWK is making the most hilarious faces lately:

I am partial to the pouty lip, but the toungue cracks me up too!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The beautiful days of summer are winding down.  Poor LWK is still having some anxiety about going outside with the construction going on near his daycare.  He is becoming braver each day, but still sometimes refuses to go outside.  On the way to work this morning I asked him why he was scared to go outside and he replied "I scared garbage trucks."  I told him that garbage trucks only come on Mondays and his daycare mom will keep him safe if there are other big trucks.  Today he faced his fears and had a blast! (And mom got some photos on her phone for a lunchtime surprise.  We love our daycare mom!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


LWK has some pretty big shoes to fill - mom's galoshes.  I loved his tenacity for getting them on - standing them up side by side, balancing to get his legs in and, finally, success!  He is just too stinking cute with those polka dot boots covering his whole leg!

***  Pardon my new obsession with making photo collages.  It's more fun to see the photos in a collage than having to scroll through a photobomb, right?  I just discovered Fotor and I love it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Pedaler

When we got home this evening, LWK wanted to play on his trike.  His actual request was "ride trike outside."  So, as I was unloading the car, he was happily riding his trike when I noticed that he was actually pedaling!  He has been trying to figure that out for a while, so it was fun to see him lurch forward a bit to get the momentum going.  My favorite part of this video is when he says "good job Mommy" at the end.  Such a sweetie who is growing up so fast!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

The New Car

After a year of looking, J finally got a new car.  Or a "new Daddy car" as LWK puts it.  

It's a winner!

Checkin' out the new Daddy car

The salesman gave LWK three HUGE balloons.
They weren't too fun for mom to drive home with.

But they sure made this little guy happy!
As for the car - a Mazda 6.  it is pretty zippy and has tons of cool features like a back up camera, blind spot sensors and rain detecting windshield wipers.  I think the next generation of cars will drive themselves at this rate!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sounders 'Til We Die

We made it to another Sounders game tonight.  So fun to see our team take 1st place and to see our player from my high school (TJ Represent!) get one of the goals!  Also a nice little date night with the hubs and our last outing in his beloved car "Coupie" before we trade it in on a far more family friendly sedan tomorrow.  That car has been J's pride and joy - he brought it down from Canada and it drove us on our first dates when we were falling in love.  I was unaware that I should be impressed with an Infiniti until my sister said "wow!  he drives THAT!?"  Thanks Coupie for being such a fun car for J and a part of our story!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Parks Make Me Nervous...

It has been ridiculously hot - like in the 90s this week.  My classroom has been a sauna but, thankfully, our house has been reasonably cool thanks to our non-HOA approved window AC and our new windows.  I feel bad that LWK hasn't really gotten to play outside when we get home because I don't want the doors to be open and let out the cool air.  So today, we had a playdate with one of the teachers I worked with and her little boy who just started daycare with LWK.  They are just far enough apart age that they aren't quite ready to play TOGETHER, but we did manage to keep them playing on the big toy, even if it was separately.

LWK loved this little saddle to rock on.

He has also decided that our "selfies" need to have our
tongues sticking out.

But this is why I have begun to hate taking him to parks:

Yes, LWK has become a runner.  This is obviously not genetic, I have no idea where he got it from.  He loves to run and could care less if I am close by or not.  Thankfully, nothing scary has happened.  He just moves so gosh darned fast, I can't keep up!

One minute he is watching kids play soccer:

And the next minute he is all the way at the end of the soccer field fence and on his way to the parking lot to look for "mommy's car."

Thank goodness the woman who came up from the parking lot and intercepted him was the mom of a former student (who was in my class when I was pregnant with him).  She was thrilled to meet him and could see that we have our hands full with this little guy!  I may have to become a runner to keep up with him!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Buddy

LWK has been lucky to have a little boy named Alex as his friend at daycare.  Alex is just a couple weeks older than LWK and they have been buddies since LWK's first day when he was 5 months old. They used to sit in bouncers side by side as the big kids ran around and when one or the other of them would arrive after the first, the first would be kicking and giggling at the sight of his buddy.  Knowing that LWK had this buddy when he was so little is one of the first things that made me realize that LWK was going to be fine at daycare all day, that he would  make friends AND be happy.

LWK has had a bit of a rough week.  There has been constructing going on across the street from the daycare and there have been some really loud, rumbly trucks that have been driving by on the road on the other side of the fence.  One of those big trucks startled LWK enough that he was REFUSING to go outside anymore (even when the truck wasn't there).  Our daycare mom was really upset that LWK was so unhappy and would only play inside, even if the sprinkler was on.  He was coming in the house and sitting in a little play tent while the others were outside.

I suggested that maybe she take the tent outside and LWK might feel like he had a safe place to hide if he was scared.  She took it outside the next day and LWK crawled into it, crying and upset, but in a safe place.  Sweet Alex crawled into the tent with him and sat next to him the entire time, giving up his playing time to try and comfort LWK.

It warms my heart to no end to know that LWK has a sweet and empathetic friend.  I hope that LWK will be able to return the favor someday!

As an aside, LWK is still fearful of being outside at daycare, BUT I went one day after school and sat in the backyard with him and he was anxious but started playing.  He still won't go near the fence, but he will go outside after much worry from us and Shweta.  I hope that next week I will be able to go and play with him near the fence so he can get back into going on the slide and swings again.  I worry about his sensitivity to sound, but it is good to know that we can help him through it and get him some coping skills.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I hate doing laundry.  Actually, much like Jessica Simpson, I don't mind the sorting and putting it in the washer, but I hate the folding.  Thank goodness J takes pity on the pile of clean laundry in our chair and folds it for me quite often.

Tonight, as I was putting laundry in, LWK wanted to help.  I had him carry the dirty laundry into the laundry room and he had a blast throwing it in the washer.  He also likes to help put it in the dryer.  I can't wait until he likes to fold!!!

Look at that form!  He is a natural!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trains, Planes and Splashes

We had a fun visit with David again today.  I think he enjoyed getting to relive his childhood by playing trains with LWK this afternoon.  Daddy got into the act too!

Playing trains totally works better if you are laying on the floor, David.
All the boys working on the tracks.
All is right in the world of train-track building!

After David left, we spent a bit of time outside exploring the backyard.  There were trikes to be ridden:

Thank goodness Daddy is there to help with steering!
Working hard to get the trike up the grassy knoll.
Getting that tongue out there will totally help make this work easier!

There were planes to be heard and seen:

I can hear it....
Daddy to the rescue!

And then LWK heard the siren song of the birdbath.  We have had such a warm and dry summer, I hadn't thought about it getting filled back up in the rain last week.  I am surprised it took LWK this long to find it!

This is his, "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, but you have the camera out" look.
Looking coy and adorable, like usual.  How could I say no???

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trains and Bubbles

It has been a busy and fun Saturday.  We had the usual errands to run this morning - brunch, fruits and veggies at Carpinitos and a Costco run.  When we got home, LWK happily stayed asleep so that we could carry him up to his bed and he ended up taking a great nap.  That gave us the time to get the house cleaned up and dinner made for our friend David to come and visit when he got in from New York.  By the time he woke up, we were able to have some fun playing with two of LWK's favorite things:  trains and bubbles!

This is LWK's new thing when he is thinking.
He touches his lips and says "hmmmmmm" when he is looking for something.
Playing with his barn.  He loves to put his animals (and cars) in the silo.
I had just washed the front windows.  There are fingerprints on them again.
Helping dad build his train track.
I love how he lays down to play with his track.  Thomas is his favorite.
He is in his own world.  I love it.
 The weather turned out to be beautiful this afternoon, so we headed to the backyard and played with the giant bubbles that Grammie got for LWK.  He loved them!

Dad is a great bubble maker. 
I loved the look of wonder LWK had while the bubbles were floating in the yard.
The colors were beautiful - LWK was fascinated.
LWK loved to catch them and pop them.  So much fun!
David's flight came in late and we had a wonderful time visiting over dinner.  LWK had fun playing cars with him and also playing a bit shy!  Such a fun day with all these boys!