Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He Likes It!

LWKy likes it!!!!!

For some reason, I haven't been a big pusher of cereal with LWK aside from a snack, without milk.  After organizing the pantry, I found a couple boxes of Life cereal (my favorite) and decided to make myself a bowl.  LWK was intrigued, so I made him a bowl too.  He loved the first bowl so much that he asked for a second!

Monday, July 20, 2015


A fun day picking blueberries before it got too hot!  Like usual, LWK ate more than ended up in his bucket!

We came back to the house for lunch and pool time.These two were pretty cute chatting - they have missed each other this summer!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The 100 Degree Adventure

It was 100 degrees at our house today, but in the interest of trying to do things as a family, we went on a bit of an adventure.  

I had seen signs yesterday that there was a tractor show going on at the farm where we get our pumpkins for Halloween.  We headed out and even the old farmers thought it was far too hot to be outside - a lot of them had packed up their tractors and gone home.  We did get to check out a few though!  LWK liked the tires and wheels and once he discovered he could kick big clouds of dirt, we never got him back on track.  Oh, well.

Because it wasn't hot enough and we weren't completely melted, we stopped at the falls to check them out.  I love that we occasionally stop here (often on extreme weather days), to take a little walk and reminisce about our wedding and think about how far our little family has come.  And try to avoid completely rude tourists (I'm looking at you family that shoved your way down the stairs with a child in a stroller and then practically used my kid as a stepstool to see the falls.  You are the kind of people who start stampedes in crowded places.....).

We also caught a glimpse of Thomas - he is visiting our town and we elected not to go this year.  LWK was just as happy seeing him parked at our depot as we drove to swim lessons this week!

We headed home, lingered in the air conditioned car for a bit, got in the house (thank goodness for the a/c units we bought this year that kept our house under 80) and waited for the sun to go over.  Once it went over, around 6:30, LWK and I ended up sitting in his kiddie pool and chatted.  I love chatting with this big kid, he has big ideas in that little head of his that makes my heart melt, no matter the temperature outside!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere!

It was a hot Saturday and once we ran errands, we came home and played in the pool in the backyard.  LWK had a blast watering everything, and I do mean everything.  When he watered the rocks, he kept saying, "grow little rocks, GROW!"

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Locks

I was playing in a clarinet group today and LWK and J came to watch.  The big lure to keep LWK interested, aside from raisins, was that we got to see boats!  After my concert, we walked over and got to see how the Locks work.  LWK thought it was so fun to see the boats raise and lower with the water and he liked waving at the boat owners too!

There are lovely gardens and lots of leaves for little boys to pick up and declare, "this is the most BEAUUUUUUTIFUL leaf I have ever seen!"

There was also a huge cedar tree.  Some kids hug trees, my kid is a tree kisser!

 LWK is starting to understand that we don't pick flowers, we just look at them and maybe touch them gently.

As we were watching the boats be raised and lowered, a train went by on this trestle.  A bit later, we heard a bell and it started to raise to let a boat through.  LWK really got a show about how everything worked around the locks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


LWK has a Charlie Brown story that he likes to read on the iPad that is about the Peanuts gang playing baseball.  So, after swim lessons tonight, we were delighted to find that a little league game was being played on the fields behind the pool.  LWK and I sat and watched and cheered for the team in red (the underdogs, of course)!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

We had a pretty laid back day today.  When I got up, LWK wanted his toenails painted - a first!  I was surprised that he sat still while I did it.  He chose the teal color.  Who says you need a girl to paint nails together????

It has been so hot and dry, we felt like we needed to stay home and try to keep our house from burning down.  It might be the last year that we get to enjoy the fireworks that others set off since there will be a ban beginning next year on fireworks, so we watched the show from our front window.  LWK liked them and thought they were "fancy," but didn't want to go outside to watch them, so we had fun watching from the living room!

We also had smores (made in the microwave!).  I keep trying to make this tradition stick, but LWK isn't sure.  He was intrigued and he licked at the marshmallow, but didn't like the mess of the chocolate.  Oh well, there is always next year!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Mr. Cool

LWK has really been into writing numbers in the hundreds lately.  Today he wanted to write 400 - it looks pretty good!  Thank goodness he only asks us to count to 100 (so far).

To escape the heat, we went to Panera.  LWK was fascinated with my sunglasses and he kept putting them on (upside down), putting them on his head and and practicing taking them off.  He is being "too cool!"

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kick Board!

LWK got to do one of his favorite things at swim class today - be on the float board!  His grin is from ear to ear as he practices kicking his feet and blowing bubbles!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Splishing and Splashing

A fun and low-key Wednesday play date with the Morks!  The best part was splashing in the pool and running around like fools!

LWK disappeared for a bit and when I went into the house to check on him, he was happily chatting with Bella, their cat, like they were old friends.  It was so sweet!  He was telling her how he liked her soft gray fur, about playing outside and what a nice kitty she is!  And she was eating it up!  He is the Cat Whisperer, I see a pet in our future...