Saturday, August 31, 2013

Family Playdate

Such a fun family playdate with the Morks today!  The dads got to talk, the moms got to talk, the toddlers got to be crazy and have fun and ERM got to take it all in and plot how she will participate next year when she is running around!  The weather was great, none of this humidity stuff we have been having.  Sunny, gorgeous with a slight breeze made it perfect!

LWK and AGM went straight to the business of playing outside.  They had a great time playing on the slide and at the water table!

Thanks to the nearby airfield that was having a vintage airshow, we got our own airshow all day long.  It was fun to see all these old jets - LWK was in heaven (and so was mom)!

We tried to get the toddlers down for a nap, LWK had about a 20 minute nap and was ready to play inside.  He kept quite busy with the box and Bella, the cat!  Bella has a knack for loving to sit on J's lap since he is the most allergic person in the room!

Once we headed back outside, LWK was FASCINATED with the leaves!  Daddy did a great job of helping make the leaves fall!

LWK also had a fun time figuring out how to use a strider bike (I am thinking this might be a good present from Santa this year so he can work on his balance).

We had lots of yummy food!  LWK AGM and LWK had an appetizer of peaches!

What is that LWK is eating, you might ask?  A HAMBURGER.  With meat.  I am so excited that our little vegetarian ate his first burger off the grill (not that we haven't tried at home).  Must have been peer pressure from AGM!

Even ERM got to enjoy the meal. Her favorite was the corn!

 B even made a cake for my birthday.  Complete with pink sprinkles.  It was so yummy!

It was so fun to hang out with our friends before summer is officially over.  We will miss our weekly playdates and these fun, sweet little girls!

And yes, there was bouncing.  Poor ERM's crib will probably never be the same after the toddler set was done pretending it was a trampoline!

Thank you Mork family for such a fun summer and such a wonderful friendship!  It is so fun to see they my friendship with B (since first grade) is carrying into the next generation!

Friday, August 30, 2013


LWK is full of funnies lately.  From asking if he wants something and his response of "Of course!" to helping carry in groceries from the car.  Today he helped me carry the laundry detergent into the house. It was a bit heavy and when he set it down, he wiped his brow and said "whew!"  As Grampie says, he is a card that needs to be dealt with!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Free Day!

Since I went into work last week and set up my classroom, I didn't have to go in today!  Instead, I got to have one last play day with LWK before school starts with the students tomorrow.

We started off with his dental appointment.  It seems odd to take a 2 year old to the dentist, but I think it is good for him to get used to going and also get used to the tools and having people look at his teeth. He has always been great for the hygienists and the doctor.  Today, he even let the hygienist polish his teeth.  The doctor said his teeth look really clean and great.  He was happy that LWK hadn't had any more chips like last summer and he wants us to start flossing.  It feels like we just got to the point where brushing isn't WWIII, so we will see how flossing goes...

Happy boy!  He got this little turtle as his prize from the dentist!

We headed up to Kirkland to this great place called SkyMania that is full of trampolines.  LWK as in heaven and it was fun to get to bounce around with the Morks.  Warning: these photos are pretty blurry, which is a pretty accurate portrayal of the entire time on the trampolines!

Even Miss ERM got into the bouncing action.
Hard to believe that she will be bouncing with them next summer!

After we were done bouncing, we headed over the the mall to run errands and spend money.  B and I both left with sparkly rings.  She was happy to introduce me to the joys of a fancy makeup shop, and I was happy to introduce her to the joy that is window shopping at Tiffany!

When we got home, this is what we found in the mail:

LWK got a report card from his parent/tot swim class!  Notice he EXCEEDS the skill requirement in each area.  Totally the child of a teacher!  I also like that she wrote that he had great enthusiasm!

When I was rocking LWK before bed tonight, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said "bouncing."  I think we will be visiting the trampoline place again, especially after J learned that adults get to bounce too!  It will be a family affair!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Date Night!

It has been a while since J and I have had a proper date night.  So long, in fact, that I can't remember the last time we hit the town a little.  We got to have a nice dinner (where we talked about LWK most of the time) where we didn't have to referee a 2 year old.  We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves!

We headed into Seattle for our first Sounders game of the season.  We have a 4 pack of tickets, but I had pneumonia for the first game in June, so we didn't make it.  This was a big game for us - the first home game with Clint Dempsey AND against Portland.  The stadium had 67,300 people in - a record for a game in the PNW and rivaling a Seahawks crowd!

We got there really early, know it would be crazy and got to listen to the band play before the march to the match.  The march makes me claustrophobic and paranoid, but I do love a band.  Thank goodness they play first and then a cover band comes on and plays pepish tunes (We Will Rock You kind of stuff), so we were able to beat the crowd and walk well ahead of the march to the match.  We got to our seats really early so we could see the smoke bombs and hear the crowd outside the stadium from the march while we munched on kettle corn.  That was good enough for me.

It was a perfect night for a game, the weather cooperated. and our seats weren't as high as last year! We enjoyed kettle corn and did all the fun Sounder "stuff" like holding up our scarves and random clapping.  I love the banners that the rabid Sounders fans come up with.

If you can't read it, it says "Build a Bonfire" since we were playing the Timbers.  And on top were our four big-name players as the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  The Sounders Faithful are pretty hardcore.

Dempsey played great and we WON, the most important part of a game.  It will be fun to see how the team meshes better as the year goes on with him playing for us!

It was nice to have a date night.  We need to do it more often, especially now that I am back to work.  It is so easy to let life drive us rather than the other way around.  It is hard to believe that we met 8 years ago this week.  It feels like both a lifetime ago and just yesterday.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Daddy is the best horse ever!  Gosh, I love these boys.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lots of Little Things

Tomorrow I go back to school.  Summer is officially over for our little family.

How does the summer go so fast when the same amount of time during the school year drags on FOREVER???  Just when I get to start enjoying the summer, I start gearing back up for school.  I figure the time goes something like this: a month to recover from the end of the school year insanity (and pneumonia this year), a week for vacation, a week to recover from vacation, yearly doctor and dentist appointments, August hits and I start gearing up for school, at it is all downhill (and hot) until our first workshop day the last week of August....

I know when I get back to school, people will expect that I did something big and fun (because teachers spend their whole summer vacationing, right?).  We had did have two fun trips out of town, but I also cleaned the garage and our pantry and steam cleaned the downstairs carpets.  Those last three things were the only things I got done from my summer "Get Organized and To Do" list.

However, I sure wasn't bored this summer.  We had a little downtime and lots of time to do the things that make summer fun for a 2 year old.  I don't believe we wasted a moment.  I loved:
  1. the playdates with so many friends
  2. playing in the sandbox
  3. running through the sprinkler
  4. the new playhouse
  5. building train tracks every day
  6. taking down train tracks every night
  7. eating countless PB&Js
  8. seeing LWK play with his grandparents (both sets!)
  9. giving up bottles
  10. eating breakfast and lunch together
  11. seeing him come downstairs after a nap with crazy hair
  12. having picnics
  13. seeing him splash in every "puddle" possible - be it the ice cube that melted on the floor or the ocean
  14. watching him proudly put on his shoes
  15. having him bring me a matching pair of my shoes to go outside
  16. reading The Little Red Caboose and Good Night Little Bear
  17. hearing him say "cooome on, Mommy" and grabbing my finger
  18. singing songs - the Caillou song, All the Fish, Kangaroo, Fuzz, Yes and No, ABCs
  19. swimming lessons
  20. hopping down every step and over every perceived bump
  21. being excited to go over the bumpies at Costco
  22. eating sandwiches the shape of a dinosaur or a butterfly
  23. not cutting grapes in half anymore
  24. the first pony ride and how gentle LWK was with the pony named Apple
  25. hanging from the Monkey Bars
  26. sitting on the potty, sometimes
  27. haircuts without tears (and lollypops afterwards)
  28. coloring
  29. Play-Do
  30. Going to parks
  31. 1-2-Vlaff Off with rocket ships
  32. making cookies together
  33. crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night (okay, the idea of this is so sweet during the day, but at 2am it isn't very fun.  I will focus on the sweet idea of it)
  34. Caspar Babypants in concert!
  35. Railroad Days - LWK's first parade
  36. checking out a little petting farm
  37. sharing a Jamba Juice (aloha Pineapple, thank you very much!)
  38. playing in a bouncy house!
  39. learning how to catch balls
  40. Looking for planes and helicopters in the back yard (and wanting more)!
What a wonderful summer of little things we have had.  Eight weeks, forty wonderful experiences.  We love you so much LWK, thanks for giving us a different perspective on the world this summer!

The one things I won't miss???  Sunscreen.  I hate putting it on myself and putting it on a 2 year old is pretty awful.  Then he doesn't smell like his sweet self and he is sticky in that chemically way that sunscreen makes you sticky.  This is why we could never live in California or Florida or Hawaii where we would have to put it on EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.  Yuck...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Toddlers, Ice Cream and Caspar Babypants

What a busy Saturday!  Today our parent/baby group got together at a park and let the toddlers RUN!  I was most impressed that it was completely fenced in (with a gate) like a dog park so us moms (and dad) could chat and not worry about one of the little ones wandering away.  This is genius!  I can't believe that more toddler parks aren't fenced in.

LWK had a great time playing - the park even had a rocking Clifford!!!

There were also lots of "flowers" to pick.

He got to hang with his buddy AG in the sand box and with AG and Mr. G on the bouncy seats. LWK and AG were the only boys in our parent/baby group, so they were destined to be friends.  It helps that AG's parents are awesome too!

After our playdate, we headed to Ice Cream O-Rama to meet the Morks!  Snoquamie Ice Creamery was having an event that had $1 tastes, tours of their little farm and Caspar Babypants performing!  I have decided that LWK is kind of unsure in big crowds like this.  He much prefers to be in his stroller when there are so many people around.  It must be his safe place.

How could he be so unhappy when we are going for ice cream?
It is because he wanted us to get in the event ASAP to see AGM!
He had lunch and some ice cream (he wasn't so sure about mom's choice of chocolate) and then the show started up!

Caspar Babypants getting into it.  I still want to yell "Peaches!" when I see him!

From the safety of his stroller, LWK and AGM were rocking out, toddler style!
Having a fun time clapping along to the music!

Very much a fun day!  So sad that Dad couldn't be with us, but the choice was for him to work a day this weekend or one day next weekend.  We decided to keep next week's 3 day weekend for family time.  We both missed you, dad!

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Children's Museum

Today we met the Wrights at a children's museum called KidQuest.  It was a perfect place for out 2.5 and 3.5 year olds to play!  LWK was all about the train table, I was a little afraid that I had paid admission to something he could have done at home, but he did eventually explore more of the museum.  We didn't make it all the way through before lunch, so it will be fun to check it out again another day this winter when we can't be outside.

Thankfully, there was a whole section of the museum that highlighted water!  Despite the smock to keep him dry, he was wet on all the places that weren't covered, of course.

It took LWK about 2 seconds to find where there was a puddle...
When you pushed a button, the water played the drums!

The "river" had ducks and LWK was excited to catch one!
Back in the area with the trains, LWK found the climbing structure.  It was like he was Spiderman with the netting!

We headed to lunch at Red Robin and LWK wolfed down his mac and cheese.  And then he melted down.  I only had about one bite of my burger before I had to carry a kicking and screaming toddler through a mall to the car.  I felt like the worst mother in the world.  He was asleep by the time we got out of the parking lot and once we got home, he slept for 3 more hours!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Lazy Day of Summer

There are a few days left of summer break and we have plans for each day, so today was our last lazy day.  We stayed in PJs all morning and LWK took an awesome 3 hour nap that let me get some housework done.  After his nap, we headed out to Customer Appreciation Day at the Brown Bear car wash.  LWK is not a fan of the car wash:

While we were waiting in the long line, he was freaking out and saying "I do not like car wash."  Once we got into the car wash and I was explaining things like "this is the car wash bubble bath" and "this is the car wash's washcloth" and "this is like Mommy's blowdryer," he settled down.  By the time we got out he said "Again!  I LOVE car wash!"  I hope he remembers that he loves the car wash next time we go through.

We headed to Fred Meyer for some groceries and I needed to find him some new galoshes.  He fell in love with the dinosaur ones and they will match the raincoat that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for his birthday perfectly!

Once we got home and I was putting away the groceries and prepping dinner, it was awfully quiet in the living room.  I was a bit worried about what i would find.  Much to my pleasant surprise, LWK was building his own train track - on his own!  He has "helped" J and I for the past 6 months by putting in a few pieces of track.  Tonight, he made this track all his own!  It is so fun to see him become more self sufficient!

Sorry for the blurry photo.  He was doing the ultra close up so we could really see the joy and pride of accomplishment on his face!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Another Wednesday in the summer, another fun playdate with the Morks!  Today we headed up to their home and spent the day relaxing and watching the kids have a grand time!  They have a wonderfully open back yard that is shady and has nice soft grass, a slide, a climbing wall and a playhouse.  It is toddler heaven.  It was also wonderful to not have to be chasing after them in a mall or a playground, they were pretty self sufficient and contained the entire time!  B and I actually got to talk!

Lunch at the kids table!
Forced to sit still while mommies took photos
They have the sliding DOWN mastered, now it is time to work on going UP!
And, of course, LWK had moments of sheer 2 year old beauty.  It is times like these that I am so in awe that we have been blessed with this exquisite little boy.  How did we become so blessed?

Contemplating going down the slide.
I love how serene he looks.
The biggest hit of the day, though?  The bubble machine!  

So what do you think this thing does?
Bubbles?  No way!  You're being silly!
Let's try blowing them!
Bubble, bubble bubble, POP!