Thursday, May 30, 2013


LWK has never been a fan of snuggling in our bed.  Even when I tried - and failed miserably - to do a nursing boot camp the day that Wills and Kate got married (LWK was less than a month old), he was agitated and unhappy until we got out of bed and headed to the big TV downstairs.  I made him formula and enjoyed the wedding with a baby who was happy to be in his bouncy seat for the rest of the day.

He has seen our bed as more of a trampoline in his life. And then at 5 am this morning, this happened:

Yes, it is a horrible photo, hence the black and white. Instead of the usual "Mommy, Mommy, Hi Mommy" wake up that includes him pulling on my finger until I think it is going to pop out of the socket, he crawled into our bed and snuggled up today.  There was 45 whole minutes more of bed time today, so it was far more reasonable to get up at 6am instead of 5.  It was a little crowded in our queen bed, so maybe if this starts happening more often, it will add weight to wanting a king sized bed soon.

Oh yeah, he brought his truck too.  Because my kiddo wouldn't be as predictable as having a soft and fuzzy lovie for the morning....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Lady and the Tramp Moment

I tried a new recipe from Pinterest tonight that turned out delish:

Of course, LWK didn't like the yummiest bits - the tomato, basil and prawns - but he LOVED the linguini.  He had a bit of a "Lady and the Tramp" moment.  Look at those sweet lips!

Since LWK has been sleeping in his toddler bed, I have been checking on him more regularly than I did when he was safely in his crib.  Last night I found him like this:

 Look at all those toys, pillows, blankets and lovies!  No wonder he is sleeping upside down!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Little Monkey

LWK is still loves to jump on the bed.  Possible future gymnast maybe????  Which country would he represent - the USA or Canada???

First he acts all innocent and wants to get "cozy."
Then he goes crazy.  The height he gets is kind of amazing.
And he loves every minute of it.
I know we shouldn't let him jump on the bed - parenting fail - but it brings him SO MUCH JOY.  And as long as he is reasonably safe, what can it really hurt???

Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing Catch

It has been a rainy and windy Memorial Day.  LWK and J stayed home and I only ventured out to do come grocery shopping (which is pretty divine to do by myself these days).  As I was preparing dinner, the boys were playing catch.  LWK has taken after me in that he covers his face or ducks when a ball comes at him, but today he actually caught it!.  Both LWK and Daddy were proud!

Here is comes!
LWK caught it!
Both Dad and LWK are so proud!!!
Sending it back to Dad!
Can you catch it Daddy???

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Play Day!

Another fun playdate with the Mork family!  LWK and AGM are good buddies - there was lots of running around, pushing strollers, reading books and jumping.  For some reason, we get so busy that we always forget to take photos of these two, aside from when they are sitting for a brief moment to eat (and when LWK is making a funny face)!

On the way home, LWK was compelled to take his shoes and socks off like usual.  And then it's like he turns into a puppy and has to chew/suck on his sock.  Weird and gross all at the same time - he just thinks it is funny.  Oh, little boys....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Boys in Blue

I find that I dress LWK in A LOT of blue.  I think it is that a little boys dress code pretty much is jeans, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and sneakers.  And then I throw in a great consignment sale find of a blue windbreaker with a hood and LWK is dressed from head to toe in blue.  Thank goodness Aunt Julie does the same with her boys.  All three cousins were in their blue finery today as we checked out a couple of parks nearby!

JRK and LWK - Cousins!
Climbing up the slide is way more fun than sliding down.
Even JRK got into the spirit of climbing up the slide.
Teeter Tottering with Dad.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Toddler Plumber Butt

Oh LWK, I love how oblivious you are sometimes.  You are so engrossed in your trains that you have no idea that you have a toddler plumber butt going on.  I think it is pretty adorable, but I know in about 15 years, it won't be so cute.

Also, in the world of not nice LWK things, our daycare mom told me that he has been a bit aggressive with the younger kids.  He has been taking away toys and pushing them to get what he wants.  When he gets in trouble for it, he cries and cries and CRIES!  Being 2 must be tough.  Your bigger than some kids, but not the biggest.  You don't always get what you want and can't understand why.  Everything used to be yours, but now you're expected to share when you see everything in the world as yours.  I told our daycare mom to feel free to use time out - that seems to work a bit at home.  She just hates to see him cry and carry on as much as we do!

The Refrigerator

It's perfectly normal and healthy for my 2 year old to be in the refrigerator, right???

Thursday, May 23, 2013


LWK's new favorite activity at daycare now that it has been raining is coloring.  Yesterday, he couldn't part with his crayons when I picked him up, so we ended up bringing some home to spend the night.  I found some simple coloring pages to print out and the crayons I had stashed in the drawer and after school tonight he colored a car!

New Crayons!
I think he is right-handed.
A wheel!
So proud of himself!  By the way, what is up with his "Squiggy" hair?
Those eyelashes....  And that little wisp of hair......
The moments of him looking like a baby are becoming fewer  and farther between and
I feel like I MUST capture those moment while they still happen.
He did a really good job of staying *mostly* on the paper.  Thank goodness for cheap Ikea kid tables and magic erasers!  We spent time writing his name - he can recognize all the letters if they are capitals. He also got a kick out of drawing the number 8 over and over!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Tickles!

Since LWK was a wee little thing, we have always washed his armpits and said "get your pits!"  He would giggle and laugh and when he got older, he would try to not let us "get his pits."  This morning, when J was getting LWK ready for school, LWK told him that "it tickled" when he washed him!  It is so funny to hear him describe something.  Being ticklish is a pretty abstract concept!

On the way home tonight, without prompting, he told me that he did puzzles with his friends Jacq, Alex and Miles.  I love that he has friends and that he talks about them freely!  It makes my heart so happy that he is in a good place in the day when he isn't with me!

Finally, over the weekend, we stayed at a hotel and LWK found a new medium with which to express his creativity:

Finger painting on the window is one of those things filed under "activities I let me child do as long as I am not the one who has to clean it afterwards."  He did have a grand time!  I love that he is starting to make loops and swirls instead of just straight, scribbled lines!

Monday, May 20, 2013


As I was trying to get ready for us to leave last weekend, LWK decided he wanted to "help" by putting plates away.  In a box.  Silly boy!

I think these plate will fit nicely in this box.


Let me seal it up.
 LWK is also loving the magnets on the fridge.  I got some animal ones and he loves going up to them and saying what they are as well as what the animal says. And then he points out the number 8 or the number 18....

Pointing out the 8....
So many magnets to choose from!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Island Day 2

Our second day on Whidbey was a busy one!  We started off with a trip to Camp Casey to check out the military finery of WWI.  LWK's favorite parts were jumping on the metal walkways and picking flowers in the open field.  That's our flower child!

With Grandma and Grandpa (and Daddy!)

Not too sure about the guns...

LWK loved these little white flowers.
And then grandma introduced him to dandelions....
And he loved them!
In fact, he couldn't get enough of them!
Our little flower child!
After Camp Casey, we headed to Deception Pass.  LWK loved leading the way on our little hike!  He thought the water was pretty mesmerizing, which scares Mom to death!

Let's play follow the leader!
Sitting in an 850 year old tree.  LWK was not impressed.
The water is calling to LWK.
Such a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  The weather was perfect, LWK was a trooper and we had a great time!  We love that they shared with one of their favorite places with us.  We plan to go back!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Island Day 1

Grandma and Grandpa are camping on Whidbey Island, so we decided to take a little weekend getaway to visit them!  We went up on Saturday and since LWK had a great nap in the car, he was ready to go and check out the park with Grandma!


Grandma showing LWK how to dump gravel.
The teeter totter!  LWK knew what to do and even
teetered (or did he totter?) with a little girl!
Finding Sea Stars on the benches! 
Walking with Grandma - checking out the harbor.
A seal you can ride on!
This kid loves wheels.  Watch out when he turns 16....

Remember that I said there were lots of slides???  LWK was in slide heaven!  There were 4 of them at the park, but he only braved three.  I was impressed that he went down the tube one (with Grandma waiting at the bottom)!

Slide #1  was "the basic."

Slide #2  had a twist.
Slide #3 was a tube!

After all that fun at the park, we celebrated with ice cream at DQ.  Possibly the best DQ I've ever had!

Notice how LWK is going in for a bite while
Grandma and Grandpa are showing how thick their Blizzards are?
LWK was a fan of the Cappuccino Heath Blizzard.
 LWK was exhausted by the end of the night.  He slept great at the hotel in his little cot!