Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Things My 2 Year Old (no longer) Says: No More Zugga-Zugga-Zugga

It's been such a busy week and we are all so glad it is Friday!

LWK's doctor called this week and wanted me to bring him in to have him checked out after his Urgent Care visit last week.  She was concerned that he may have asthma or something else we were overlooking.  He was completely freaked out by the scale (must be my kid) and was so upset to begin the appointment.  Dr. G is so patient and gentle with him, he calmed down and was talking up a storm.  She was checking his ears and when she told him that she needed to check his other ear because he had two ears, he responded with a perfectly clear, "yes I do!"  After a pretty thorough check, she thinks that the Zyrtec we have been giving him since his last appointment is helping his allergies, but not enough.  She decided that we are going to give him something to help with his allergies (Singulair) and also some Nasonex and a fish oil supplement.  He has been such a snotty coughing mess, I am kind of relieved that we are doing something to help him.  I am thankful he doesn't have food allergies, but I sure hope that environmental allergies aren't going to make him miserable.

Tonight we had pizza for dinner (LWK's favorite) and he has rediscovered his love of trains.  He is getting really good at putting the tracks together and has figured out that the cars have to go a certain way to make the magnet stick together.  In a bittersweet moment, he no longer says "Zugga, Zugga, Zugga" when he is pushing them around the track.  He has graduated to the more socially acceptable, but far less endearing, "Chugga, Chugga, Chugga."

In all his train set glory!
Not too sure about the flash on the camera.
Next baby diaper model?
I should probably point out that LWK was a little befuddled by not wearing pants.  Even as a baby, I rarely let him hang out in just a onesie.  Tonight, I was just wanting to get dinner ready when he needed a diaper change.  I changed him and didn't feel like wrestling his jeans back on.  When I set him down from the changing table (aka the top of our clothes washer downstairs), he looked at his bare legs, looked up at me with a very confused face and said "pants?"  I just told him that he didn't need pants on anymore and he happily went off to play with his trains, with his cute little pale bare legs.  I kept catching him looking down at his legs, still confused by the situation.

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