Saturday, December 19, 2015

Santa Take 2

Although we had an impromptu meeting with Santa last week, it wasn't our "tradition."  In years past we have gone to the local zoo that has reindeer and Santa.  Since LWK wasn't a big Santa fan, we always knew we would get some great reindeer photos.  

This year the weekends have all been stormy or we have been sick/had other obligations.  When we tried to go to the zoo on the one reasonably nice day, there was a line out the door!  We had a retirement party to go to, so we didn't have all afternoon to stay at the zoo to see Santa.  I was upset, LWK was upset, J was upset.  We were going to throw in the towel and just call our tree lighting our Santa photo this year, but then J had a great idea to visit the "Santa Shack" near our Panera and Target.  

I wasn't happy, but LWK was excited to see Santa, so we waited in line even though I was teary about not keeping with tradition.  You know what?  This Santa was the best Santa we have ever had!  The price was reasonable, LWK was dressed festively and was thrilled that he got to ask for a battery powered Percy again.  Most importantly, we got this great and genuine photo:

I think LWK will be happy about visiting Santa from now on and I won't be turning my nose up at the "Santa Shack" anymore!

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