Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Party

Cousin Joel turned 3 years old and we had a fun time celebrating with him.  LWK especially liked opening playhouse doors and windows as well as playing with the sand table.  I think a sand table will be the next big purchase for LWK at home.  He tried eating the sand, but didn't like it!
Balloons are fun!
The sand table with all the kids.
I wonder what sand tastes like....

Hi Mom!

The Birthday Boy - Curious Joel!
The sweet Keaton boys!

Friday, June 29, 2012


Yesterday I was a bit disappointed that LWK wasn't interested in the drums at Parent Baby Class.  This morning, he has redeemed himself on the musician front.  I was trying out some instruments that are going to be sold online and he was fascinated with the trumpet.  I'm not sure I really want a trumpet player (or drummer either - the egos are tough!).  The redeeming moment was when J was talking about the trombone.  J made a glissando sound and  LWK mimicked it back!  I could totally handle a trombone player - they tend to be good-natured and happy-go-lucky kids.  I will keep encouraging the French Horn, Bassoon and Oboe since they are scholarship instruments, but the Trombone is promising!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aging Out

It's hard to believe that at almost 15 months, LWK is officially aging out of something!  This morning we attended our last Parent/Baby Class.  Even though we have been going to class haphazardly since I returned to work, I still feel really connected with the teachers, parents and babies (now toddlers!) that we gathered with each week from the time when LWK was only a few weeks old until he was 5 months old.  Today was a KinderMusik day.  Leave it to LWK, the child of a music teacher, to be far more interested in the cars that other kids had brought and not the drums or parachute!  Oh well, Mommy had fun!

See that awesomely big drum?  Yeah, LWK didn't care to check it out at all, he had a car that belonged to another kiddo.  He is in this pic - he is on the far right in the striped jacket...
This is the car he was fascinated with.
He finally paid attention to the drum, as long as he could have the car and chew on the mallet.
The parachute!!!  Totally my favorite gym activity as a kid.  LWK, playing with a car behind me...
Balls were more his speed - he is great at rolling them back and forth!
I loved the insanity of the balls and all the kiddos - so much fun!
At the end of class they sang the "Celebrate" song to me and LWK.  I cried.  It was LWK's first playgroup and my first group of Mommy friends.  I am so thankful to have made such great connections at this class.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toddler Story Time

We finally have a day of summer here in the PNW!  LWK and I are staying close to home, but we took a nice walk this morning to the library to participate in the young toddler story time.  There were quite a few kids and parents there and LWK was right at home with the other kids.  Since he isn't a proficient walker yet, he was a fast crawler to participate in the activities.  He loved the songs with motions, but he was far more interested in other kids (especially those girls with ponytails)!  I think we will keep going this summer and hopefully get to meet some other parents.  Unfortunately, it seems like most things here in our community, people are nice and friendly but no one seems to want to reach out and make new friends.  I keep hoping we can connect with other families here since LWK will eventually be going to school with these kiddos.  Maybe if we keep going, we will make some connections!
Checking out his summer reading log - do you remember keeping track of what you read over the summer as a kid???  I have a feeling there will be lots of "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" and "The Little Blue Truck!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bath Time

LWK has never been a huge fan of baths.  He tolerates them, but doesn't like to linger.  Aunt Julie, Uncle Chris and Cousins Joel and James gave LWK bath toys for his birthday.  I  found some of them today and dropped the fun transportation squirt toys into the bath.  There was a police car, boat, fire engine and plane. Guess which ones he grabbed right away?  Of course the truck and car, even though the wheels didn't turn!  He would have stayed in the bath forever as long as he had those cars!
That bottom lip is making his car sounds!
Of course we need to bang them together too!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Big Boy Peek-A-Boo

LWK still LOVES playing Peek-A-Boo.  Now he likes to do it around chairs!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wheels are Spinning!

Why would you think I was up to something???

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We spent the day as our little family for Father's Day.  We had brunch at Pomegranate, did a little shopping and came home to play. All in all, a perfect day with Dad!
LWK learning about the family business!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sooo Big!

We have been playing "Soooo Big" with LWK since he was a munchkin.  Now he plays it back!

Friday, June 15, 2012


LWK has really gotten into waving bye-bye.  That is, he waves "bye-bye" to everyone except for mama.  Our daycare mom said that she thinks it is because he is sad when I leave, but it is a game with everyone else.  This week at daycare, our friend Kaisa and her little boy, M, witnessed this moment of cuteness: LWK and another little boy (who is a few months older) were hugging when Kasia arrived with M.  When she went to leave, she waved at the boys and LWK and his friend kept holding hands and both waved at her.

I love that he is making friends.  And waves. And recognizes socially acceptable thing to do.  My fears of him lacking social skills are officially over!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


LWK received these Mega Blocks (aka "The Starter Legos") for his birthday.  Tonight Daddy and LWK were playing with them.  Well, Daddy was happily building things and LWK was taking them apart, tasting them and sometimes rolling the ones with wheels.  It is hard to tell which one is the happier kid here:

Daddy, whatcha making me???  I think it has WHEELS!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Word Phrase!

In all the drama of the last few days, it is good to know that LWK's cognitive abilities have continued to make strides.  When grandma was leaving the hospital on Wednesday, he said "bye bye" to her.  I thought it might be a fluke, but when J went and got LWK's prescription and told him "Goodbye LWK, I will be back soon,"  he responded with "bye bye, dada!"  No love for the mama yet, but it is fun to see (hear) him developing and speaking!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Hospital Stay

Little did we know when we went to Urgent Care last Saturday to have LWK checked out for pertussis that this week would end up like this:

  • Saturday:  Diagnosed at Urgent Care with pneumonia (seriously, we were in for a pertussis check!).  Sent home after a chest x-ray with some antibiotics.
  • Sunday:  We stayed close to home (thinking he had whooping cough as his symptoms got worse).
  • Monday:  Grandma and Grandpa came over to stay with LWK, he slept A LOT and didn't eat much.  He didn't have his sparkling personality AT ALL.  Mom makes an appointment with our regular doc.
  • Tuesday:  Dad takes LWK to the doctor.  She barely looks at LWK and tells Jer that we should take him to  the Emergency Room at Seattle Children's Hospital.  She thinks his chest films from Saturday show two places of pneumonia.  All hell breaks loose and we end  up in Seattle.  They want to keep LWK overnight and he is admitted at about 4.  By the time we are checked in, checked out and settled in, it is past 5.  Mom's fabulous co-worker covers her concert and a fabulous sub agrees to conduct the kiddos at the next day's concert.  LWK had some fast acting antibiotics and he starts acting like his old self, as in he plays with his cars.  His wonderful family doctor calls to check on all of us - we love her!
In the ER, trying to be charming.
Cuddling with Daddy and clutching his car after his shots.
Feeling a bit better after being admitted to his room.  He wanted to play with his car, not just hold it.
  • Wednesday:  We think he is doing much better, but he isn't taking in enough oxygen when he sleeps.  Grandma comes and takes care of him while J and I get the car we left at my school, showering, getting dinner and paying to take the 520 to get back to LWK sooner.
Sleeping in "Baby Jail."
When he sleeps, he has this oxygen monitor on his toe.  It felt like we had  our own little ET in bed at night as his toe glowed!
  • Thursday:  LWK's numbers were good overnight and we get to go home once the doctor gives him one more look.  LWK is flirting with nurses and playing with cars.  Aside from a bad cough, he is his happy self, whew!  We got home at about 2:30.  LWK naps, mom and dad both work.  LWK eats a good dinner (as if he has always loved peas!)
  • He must be well enough to go home - he is opening every drawer and trying to escape whenever the door opens!
  • Friday:  Grandma and Grandpa come and stay with LWK at home.  He sleeps, eats and plays.  His cough is a bit better, as is his runny nose.  His new trick is sliding off the couch!
We will be sticking close to home this weekend to let LWK recover a bit more.  On Monday we will see his regular doctor and get a recap of what we need to do in the future to try to avoid him getting so sick!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


LWK has discovered where people's noses are!  When we touch his nose, we say "beep, beep!" and When he touches our noses we say "HONK!"  LWK got this sweet little book for his birthday from his cousins titled "The Little Blue Truck."  We were reading it and when I said "HONK!" for the big dump trunk, he reached over and touched my nose!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This is the Way That LWK Rides...

A few months ago, one of my co-workers was playing with LWK at a baby shower and he LOVED this game and bouncing:

This is the Way the Baby Rides, baby rides, the baby rides.
This is the way the baby rides, 
This is the way the baby rides,
So early in the morning.

This is the way the lady rides...
This is the way the gentleman rides…
This is the way the jockey rides…

(bounce child on knees - with each new verse
 bounce child faster)

Now that he knows the game, he wants to go right to the way the jockey rides!

Thank goodness our childhood neighbors gave grandma and grandpa the bouncing horse we used to play on  at their house so he can practice for the triple crown someday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

14 Months Old

It is hard to believe that I have been blogging regularly about our little family for a year now!  I've never been good at keeping a diary or a journal, so this has been a pretty big milestone for me!

LWK is becoming more of a little boy (and less of a baby) each and every day.  Here are this month's stats:
  • Weight:  Definitely over that 21lb mark, we will know more at his 15 month appointment next month
  • Clothing:  12 - 18 month size.  He is starting to need the length in the legs now too!  He is moving from size 4  to 5 in shoes!
  • Diapers:  We bought size 4s and are about to make the switch as soon as we are done with the size 3s
  • Milk:  We have switched over to whole milk, rarely formula.  I hope he is getting all his nutrients since sometimes he is a good eater and sometimes he isn't.  At daycare he has milk more often, but on the weekends with us he has a bottle at night, before his nap and when he gets up.
  • Food:  Pretty much whatever we are eating.  He loves finger foods, he isn't sure about salmon (even the good stuff - Copper River!).  He has started to want to use the spoon and he is doing a pretty good job!  He still loves drinking from a real cup - especially when it has lots of ice!
  • Sleeping:  Still sleeping through the night but now only wants one long nap a day.
  • Toys:  Still loving everything with wheels and that rolls!  He can get all the rings on the stacker.  Not always in the right order, but if he runs out of room, he CAREFULLY stacks the other ones on top.  He is working at getting the shapes into the correct hole for the shape sorter.
  • Books: He is starting to love cuddling and reading.  He loves to turn the pages and will even entertain himself reading a book in bed!
  • On his tip-toes!
  • Movement:  Still a fast crawler and cruiser.  He is standing more often (when he is busy, he will forget and let go and stand no problem).  He has started to do a bear walk when crawling and he is starting to squat when he is playing. He will occasionally take a step, but usually when he isn't paying close attention.  He is using his walking toys, so walking independently is imminent (but I secretly hope he will do it for us first and maybe even wait until summer vacation).
  • Words:  We have started paying more attention to what he is saying and I really think he knows a lot more than we originally thought.  Mama and Dada are still staples, but so is up, da (there or what), baba (bottle) and he is babbling lots of "v" sounds lately (maybe vrooms for his cars???). I think one day he will just pop out with a whole bunch of words!
  • Identifying:  He knows where our noses are!  And who mama and dada are!  When we ask him to do something like "put the car on the floor," he knows what we are saying and sometimes even complies!
The rug photo with "bribes."  He is no longer content just to sit there and look cute!
***Note these photos were taken on June 10th, not June 1st.  LWK was so sick, I couldn't force him to try and sit still and be happy for photos!  However, I had written all his milestones for the month of May prior to June 1st!