Saturday, December 12, 2015

Santa Take One

I play in the community band and part of our "job" is to play some of our local events.  At the tree lighting this year it was POURING rain and super windy, but LWK and J braved the weather to hear me play and see Santa arrive.

LWK hasn't been much of a Santa kid.  I know we don't push it at all, but last week when he asked me for a toy at Target I said, "well, maybe you need to ask Santa for it for Christmas."  It slipped out of my mouth before I had thought it through.

At the tree lighting, after Santa arrives, the kids can go and sit on his lap.  LWK has NEVER wanted to do this, but this year he was all about it!  He waited in line patiently and then he had his big moment!  Unfortunately, I missed the moment where he was pretty happy to walk up to Santa and talk to him since I was with the band, but J did take some photos and the local realtor snapped this one:

Not perfect, totally impromptu and he wasn't dressed "cute," but he talked to Santa and asked him for a battery powered Percy for his track.  I am pretty sure this kid is never going to outgrow trains....

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