Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Great White North

J pointed out yesterday that we will have had three White Christmases in a row! We are celebrating in Canada this year, continuing our "every other year" tradition of flip flopping between our families.

The flight to Edmonton is short, only and hour and a half, but I am always surprised at how different the weather is! When we arrived, is was -22C. It is that kind of cold that takes the wind right out of you! By tomorrow, there is a mini heatwave going on to a +1! There is lots of snow on the ground and it has that satisfying crunch when you walk on it. Unlike Seattle, it doesn't melt and refreeze to become a sheet of ice. Oh yeah, and the city doesn't shut down. They still have stupid drivers though!

We have successfully completed two of out "To Dos" while we are here. Spicy Pirogi Pizza at Boston Pizza is amazing. I made a reasonable facsimile a few weeks ago, but not nearly as good as this. Of course, we also picked up some Tim Bits. Those tasty donut holes are amazingly addictive. Mmmmm, Tim Bits.