Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Weeks of Summer

The last couple of weeks have been crazy and my maternity leave is coming to an end tomorrow. Thank goodness we are easing the transition by having Grandma and Grandpa babysit tomorrow and Tuesday. Wednesday will be the last LWK and Mommy day before school starts back up on Thursday.

Highlights of the past few weeks for LWK:
  • Grammie and Grampie visiting from Alberta
  • Practicing rolling over - both awake and asleep!
  • Learning how to pass objects between hands
  • A first trip to the zoo (and a scary encounter with a tiger)
  • Practicing "talking"
  • Putting everything in his mouth
  • Finding out that toes taste good!
  • Riding in his stroller without the infant seat!
  • Finding out that scarves are really fun props to play peek-a-boo
  • Helping mommy turn pages of books
  • Tolerating tummy time a bit better
  • Summer finally arriving (but being a bit too hot for our Seattle-ite selves)
It has been so wonderful to stay home with LWK for the first 5 months of his life. The timing just worked out, I am not sure I could have taken off so much time if he had been born earlier or later. I guess that was the blessing of our April Fool baby - his timing was perfect. I have loved every minute of this time with him and it makes me so sad to know that someone else might be witnessing his firsts. I hope he keeps saving those firsts for us to witness.
We have found a good daycare as far as I can tell - I have good vibes and the kids there seem really happy, but I still worry that he will be happy and loved there. I guess I will always worry if it isn't me or J watching him. I was so lucky to have a stay at home mom and I guess I always thought I would do the same thing. It is funny to have a bit of guilt about this. I enjoy my career, but I enjoy being a mom too. It is so sad that I feel like I have to choose between those two parts of my world. Even though it was nice to go into work and set up my classroom and talk to other adults, I can feel that my heart has shifted to another place. I will always do my best in my job, but for the next while I plan to work to the clock (something that teachers really don't usually do) and go pick up LWK as soon as I can. There are only going to be a few hours a day where I get to be with him and I don't want to spend that time grading papers or sitting in meetings past the time I am paid for. I want to spend that time reading, snuggling and playing with this amazing little boy.

Mmmmmm, Toes are Yummy

LWK has moved to the stage where he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. This morning, he discovered that his toes fit quite nicely:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

LWK is officially mobile! After a few days of being kind of crabby, we knew something was up. This morning we were in Parent/Baby class and he was checking out the baby to his left. He was on his side (something he has done since he was about 2 days old) and suddenly went from his back to his tummy. If you have read my previous post about how he HATES tummy time, he quickly became pretty unhappy to find himself in that position! I figured that he wouldn't put himself in that situation again, but within the half hour he turned over again! He even gave a repeat performance (to his right this time) for our friends Becky and Anna at the park! He saved his final performance for Daddy, Grammie and Grampie this evening before dinner. I think our little boy will sleep well tonight after figuring out this milestone!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Baptism

Today was LWK's baptism. It was a quiet family affair in our backyard. My childhood pastor performed the ceremony. He is the sweetest man and we like to refer to him as our "Pastor On Call." He has performed my sister's and my weddings as well as my nephew's baptism. We are so lucky to have such a kind man be a part of our special family celebrations!
LWK's Grammie and Grampie came all the way from Alberta to be a part of the celebration. Grampie was even willing to share his birthday today.
Pastor came to our house after the Sounders game and we had a wonderful dinner of flank steak, salad, corn and rolls. Aunt Julie got creative and made the super cute Turtle Fruit Salad that I had found on Pinterest. Yummy! LWK, of course, had a bottle. For dessert we had Angel Food cake, obviously. The berries were so yummy and as per our family tradition, there can never be too much Cool Whip! We even sang "Happy Birthday" to Grampie!
The sun finally came out, so we had a beautiful evening baptism in our back yard. LWK was a trooper for most of it, even while getting a bit wet. By the end, he was kind of done with being held and wearing a somewhat girly outfit (that mom adored but was also happy that she didn't have to iron or button daily).
As a special gift to LWK, we each recorded a page of the book "All Things Bright and Beautiful." I loved that hymn growing up and I am so glad that he will have a special keepsake of all our voices reading to him. All in all, a wonderful day for a special little boy who is all things bright and beautiful to us!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Tripping!

Today, LWK and I were invited by our dear friends Cary and Gabrielle to their vacation house on Anderson Island. It was nice to get away from home, enjoy the sunshine and connect with old friends! LWK had his first ferry ride across the Sound:
After slathering him up with sunblock, we got him into this cute pirate swimwear. As G said, the hat is "re-donk-u-lous" but absolutely adorable! I think LWK thought it was "re-donk-u-lous" too:
Thank you for a great day out of the city and for loving on LWK - we are so lucky to have such great friends!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 Month Stats

LWK had his 4 month doctor's appointment today and with the help of Grandma, we were able to see what a big boy he is getting to be. He is in the 50th percentile for his growth across the board, which is great since he started off in the 20th percentile. He is growing fast!

Length - 24.5 inches (he was 19.5 inches at birth)
Weight - 15lbs, 4oz (he was 6lbs, 15.9oz at birth)
Head Circumference - 16 inches (it was 14.2 inches at birth)

He is doing great and meeting all his milestones. He was flirty and happy until the nurse took his diaper off to weigh him. That's our modest boy! He was not a fan of his shots or when Dr. G had him tripod sitting - I think it too closely resembled tummy time! She was happy that the reflux issue has gotten better with meds and thickening his formula and milk, so we will keep doing that. Hopefully in the next few months, his reflux will be resolved as his little system matures so he won't have to take meds much longer.

We also talked about starting solids (already!?!?!?!). I think we will be taking it slow since daddy has some pretty significant food allergies, but the doctor thought we could start him on cereals to see if he is ready for foods. We will be avoiding the things that dad is allergic to for at least a year, but it is a good sign that he tolerates milk well! Tonight I signed up for a class about starting solids that we will take next month. I figure we can start with the easy one (cereal) but it will be nice to have some guidance on where to go from there!

After such a big day, LWK was a bit fussy and went to bed early. Hopefully he will be back to his usual happy self tomorrow!

Monday, August 1, 2011

4 Months Old!

    LWK is 4 months old today! His personality is really coming through and each day it seems he learns something new.

We will have his accurate weigh, height and head circumference on Wednesday at his doctor's appointment, but here are other stats:
  • Diaper size - 2 when we aren't using cloth!
  • Clothing Size - 3-6 months
  • Food - 24 - 30 oz of formula and milk each day. Some days he can' t eat enough, other days I feel like we force feed him!
  • He is smiling at everyone!
  • He has started to giggle.
  • He has started to coo and whoo.
  • He is grabbing for toys and putting them in his mouth.
  • He is clasping his hands together and is fascinated with his toes. But really, who wouldn't be? His toes are adorable!
  • He is soooooo close to rolling over. He has been getting onto his side since he was a few days old, he just needs one more good push and he will be on his tummy!
  • He has been consistently sleeping through the night since he was about 2 months old. We could set a clock to his 9pm bedtime. He wakes up at about 7am. Yes, we are insanely lucky and figure that this could change at any moment.
  • He loves the TV, mom has had to change her viewing habits a bit to more kid appropriate programming. Did you know that they are still showing some of the same segments of Sesame Street that they showed in the 70s and early 80s from when J and I were kids?
Can you believe how much he has changed?

One Month Old 5-1-2011

Two Months Old 6-1-2011

Three Months Old 7-1-2011

Four Months Old 8-1-2011

One Year Ago Today....

One year ago today we arrived home from out California vacation and found out we were going to have a baby. It is amazing how much our lives have changed in one year. On August 1, 2010, LWK was a hope, a dream and a twinkle in mom's eye. On August 1, 2011 he is our dear, sweet 4 month old boy!

I still can't believe that while we were doing this:
I was cooking this:
And he turned into this:
What a difference a year makes!