Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Woodland Themed Birthday Party

It has taken me a bit of time to get this post up.  Things have been busy, we have all been sick and I think I am in a bit of denial about having a one year old!  We had a woodland themed party for LWK's first birthday.  The decor was fun to put together (except the red icing for the cupcakes, but more on that later) and seemed like everything came full circle from his nursery theme!  Most of the ideas came from Pinterest because I don't think I can be creative on my own!  This is a bit of a photo bomb (thanks Aunt Julie for be a great photographer), but here it goes!

The wall and high chair decor is from the Etsy Shop

 The crown was from the Etsy Shop

I used LWK's monthly rug photos as a garland on our mantel.  It was fun to see how much he changed over the past 12 months!

We used photos of the highlights from the last year as table decor.  The owl was a gift from a friend!

The toadstool cupcakes!  I was afraid they were going to be neon pink so I used 4 boxes of red food coloring!  Later I learned that I should have used gel food coloring and a drop or two of black to get a good red.  The lucky part was that the red darkened over night, so the frosting was a true red in time for the party.  I vow to never make anything with red food coloring again - my kitchen looked like a murder scene!  For the cupcake stand I used three different size wood cuts I got at Ben Franklin and used faux wood contact paper on soup cans for the pedestals.

This little watermelon hedgehog was the most fun and relaxing thing I made!  It was a fun little project for a fruit bowl.  We now have the joke that we have to have a watermelon sculpture of some sort for all of Luke's gatherings (remember his baptism turtle???

Grandpa's birthday is March 31st, so Grandma brought a German Chocolate cake so we could celebrate the 1 year old and the 73 year old!

LWK has been working on his "Cheese Ball" Grin.  We got to see it a lot on his birthday!

He was a bit tentative about the cake...

But he managed to get a little taste of frosting before we sang happy birthday.  He had lots of help blowing out his candle!

He didn't really like the cake or frosting, but he did like smearing it on his face and in his hair.  Does this mean that mom has done a good job keeping him away from artificial sweets???  It probably wasn't the best idea to have red frosting on his cupcake - it looks like he has a nosebleed!

After a bath, LWK spent some time practicing walking, with Grandma's help.

Cousin James woke up just in time to witness the fun of all the new toys!

LWK and I had fun reading Jamberry and the Little Blue Truck with AGM.

The boys (Dad, Sky, Joel and LWK) had fun playing with LWK's new toys - this activity box was especially fun.

LWK loves anything with wheels, so the car from Uncle Josh was a hit!  And it makes poppy sounds!

And the train from Gram and Grampie has wheels too.  And lots of fun parts!

LWK likes his comfy reading chair too!

We still can't believe that we have a one year old - it has all gone so fast! 

LWK, your first birthday was a success.  You were a trooper with all the people, the presents and the new food.  You slept well that night.  We are looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays and milestones with our Luke-a-licious, Luke-a-roo, Luke-a-saurus, Cool Hand Luke and Sweet Lu.  I love that we chose your name so it couldn't have a nick name but have instead lengthened it out!  We love you so much and have treasured every day of the last year with you and can't wait to see what other surprises you have in store for us!

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