Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The 2nd Birthday Party Recap

The Theme for LWK's 2nd Birthday Party was "Cars, Trucks and Anything That Moves!"

Guests were Grandma and Grandpa, Grammie and Grampie (all the way from Canada!), The Keatons, The Morks, The Wrights and The Hammonds Families.  21 Guests in all!

We had sandwiches, fruit stoplights, apple and orange cars, "spare tires" (chocolate covered donettes), "dipsticks" (chocolate dipped pretzels) and wheel pasta salad.

We used some inexpensive trucks that grandma had picked up for the grandsons to play with outside to hold the bolders (bread) and spare tires (chocolate donettes).  While I was decorating, I remembered that I had picked up a length of fabric in the bargain bin at Ikea and it had the perfect primary colors to brings things together.

Guests were invited to "Fill 'Er Up" on Izze sodas and beer.

I found a super cute cupcake transporter truck from Meri Meri that held his funfetti cupcakes and I decorated the table with a green tablecloth and a charcoal table runner with yellow electrical tape down the center to look like a road.

We scooted the coffee table in front of the fireplace for some more play room.  Perfect for presents!  I also got the "Happy Birthday" banner at Target, it is made out of felt and I figure it can be our family tradition to hang it on the mantel for each of our birthdays! 

Oh yeah, and notice the photos on the mantel???  Those are from LWK's FIRST birthday.  They were the photos I had taken on his bedroom rug for his first 12 months to see how much he grew and changed during that time.  We have enjoyed them throughout the year and I don't really see them coming down anytime soon.  By the way, I gave up on the rug photos at about 20 months because he WOULD NOT stay on the rug, no matter the bribe!

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  Sunny and 70 in Seattle.  in MARCH!!!  It was so perfect, in fact, that we were able to have the kids play outside in the sunshine as well as enjoy the inside for gifts and food!

Loving the sandbox!
Rocking his new slide and coy pose!
Even baby James got a turn on the slide, he wasn't so sure about it!
LWK has very generous friends and family.  He got a train set, a riding school bus, an easel with art supplies, a leapfrog laptop, a sweet birthday car and Canada book, a Green Toys school bus and fire truck and a Batman little people racetrack.  But the biggest hit was the stroller from the Morks.

AGM helping LWK get his dog ready for a walk (or run).
Joel and LWK racing Batman and the Joker.
I have no idea how many cupcakes he had.  Thank goodness he didn't get sick.  He really does love cupcakes!
Such a fun and nice day for our sweet boy!  And yes, I am already planning for the 3rd birthday party!

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