Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa, Year Three!

This year is our third visit to Santa at the Cougar Mountain Zoo!  The first year, 8 month old LWK didn't know what to think, last year he cried and this year he was intrigued and pretty happy.  We have been talking about Santa for the past few weeks.  I think the biggest help has been watching Caillou help Santa on TV.

J and LWK were able to check out the cougars - all three cubs were out on this cool and overcast day!

I love going to the Cougar Mountain Zoo for their Reindeer Festival because we get to see, you guessed it, REINDEER!  This year LWK was excited to feed them a treat of apples and they were excited to get apples from him.  I have to say, he has a pretty good arm for a 32 month old!

The line to see Santa was pretty long and LWK was pretty short on patience, so we decided to look around the rest of the zoo to see if the line would die down a bit.  We checked out the sculptures that they have around the zoo - LWK liked the kangaroo and her joey!

To help raise money for the little zoo, they sell reindeer antlers.  I know that it seems a bit morbid, but I would love to have a set for Christmas time in our home.

Last year the reindeer were into sniffing LWK's shoes and this year it was the regular deer!  LWK was delighted!

LWK did a great job walking up the hill to Santa's House!

Notice that LWK isn't letting go of his Teddy Bear????

LWK wasn't sure if he wanted to sit in Santa's lap, but he gave him Teddy Bear to hold!  Eventually he warmed up, and we got a photo of LWK in Santa's lap!

I love taking LWK to see Santa here - such a fun, local thing to do.  The photos aren't perfect or professional (since I am taking them), but I enjoy that we get to see Santa at his home and visit his reindeer too!  I hope we keep this tradition going for many years to come!

A mental note for next year: have the wide angle lens ready for the Santa photo. The 50mm lens (that I haven't taken off my camera since I got it) didn't let me get all the decor in the photo.  Momarazzi fail...

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